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The one thing I have not done is to consider rebuilding the lean-to greenhouse all the way along where it was before the thatch got burnt down a few years back. I just left the foundations thinking i might one day do something. There they are.

I suddenly discovered the little less than perfect Halls Europa Mk.II 84 lean-to the other day and it arrived

within a couple of days. It ain't easy to assemble, just like Meccano.

I suddenly realized that I have the uninhibited right to rebuild  the lean-to, all the way along, what was previously there in any case, without any by your leave or thank you to anybody.  Curious thing is that the above lean-to is exactly the right shape for the whole length, not just one, but an extended structure, narrow, but very well fit for the purpose of using the southern sunshine in late winter and spring!

14m sq grow space waiting for me to put it up, but the height is very attractive too, just to the eaves where they were before!

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Comment by Gareth Howell on December 28, 2015 at 15:43

Glass all to be in by January 1st to celebrate the new year's gardening, and seed sowing!  The greenhouse I've always wanted, and now built by yours truly from a flat pack , from China. £230inc

All labor done by me, so no extras. About 500 pieces put together.... mainly got it right.... I hope!

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