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I started growing shallots two years ago and I love their easy growing habits.  Shallots are in the onion family and can be grown like onions.  The difference is that they are smaller in size and they have the mild, sweeter taste.  They also store better than onion.  Once lifted and dried you can keep them over a year. 

I bought  shallot sets the same time as onion sets and put them in  Oct/ Nov time.  The warmth of soil will help them to put in roots before the winter sets in.  Then they are pretty much survive on their own merits over months of cold weather.  They magically develop into clusters of shallots and leap into growth at this time of the year.  This is a cluster of 7 and sometimes I got clusters of 9!


The previous one week heat wave made them bolt!  Instead of just cutting of the flowers and allowing them to grow on, I decided to lift them.  They have reached decent size; their heads are bigger than my thumbs.

I use them as spring onions in stir-fry; make shallots omelettes; and will try Mary Berry's shallots and blue cheese tart later on. 

Shallots are definitely well worth growing.   Consider adding shallots in your grow list if you haven't already grown them.


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