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After weekly grocery shopping, we went to the local nursery to buy some ericaceous compost and 'have a look around'. 

The nursery is full of all sort of plants, stuff and shoppers.  We spotted some bargains straight away, the 4planter grow bags are a third cheaper than the allotment shop, the sweet peas are lush and tomato seedlings are strong and tall at 60p each.  the trolley was loaded up with bags and pots of plants.  Then I remembered it's first day of April and I' d  have to keep these tomato plants alive for almost 6-7 weeks before planting out :(.  So I  decided  to keep only 2 tomato plants, with limited windowsill space in mind.  As a compensation, I got to buy 2 orchids, one slipper orchid, one zygopetalum spp.  

Before leaving, we passed by the fruit tree section and I spotted a tall peach tree with blossoms much bigger than the peach tree at home!  At the time, any price comparison is meaningless.  You see the real thing in front, the shape , the size, the colour.  You've got to have it and it's worth every penny to buy the tree you will love for years to come, hopefully.   

I promise  the seventh fruit tree I bought this year will be the last.

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