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More About the Bees - And Chillies !

Molly, Milly and Stephen spend a little time with the bee man discovering what has gone on in the few weeks the hive has been here at the nursery - and how the bees are preparing for Winter.

Apologies for the clip being 'as is' with a little background banter, but Nanny and Granddad and Serena were chatting at the same time!

If you like this video clip…

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It's that time of year so ...

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Bees Arrive

Finally our bee man was able to bring over a colony to settle in here at the nursery.


I'm really look forward to discover a year in the life of the bee - and I'll try to keep the updates coming.


Here's episode 1


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And So A Week On...

We could stand the silence no longer and took the plunge of a new pup - Tufty.


We're still all missing PB desperately and I don't think that will change for a long time - if ever.


So this is about where we are now...

And I've managed to crack a rib or two so will be a bit more office based than I'd like to be at the moment!

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Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly

So after a lovely few weeks away - and seeing some wonderful and interesting things along the way, including olive oil being made by a horse (well sort of , see video clip below) - its taken a whole month to catch up to some sort of semblance of normality.


And so I'm back!


Here's how to make olive oil...…


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A Quick Update

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Sowing & Planting Courgettes, Squashes, Pumpkins & Outdoor Cues

A couple of clips I hope some will find of use?




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Disasters Averted (hopefully) & The 'Hungry Gap' Comes To An End

So a week or two after the tomatoes went into the tunnel we had a frost, and despite the best 4 am early efforts I knew we were going to see some damage. But over the last few weeks things have been getting worse instead of better with the new growth on some being fasciated or just plain odd - and some had just stopped.


On my weekly tie in with daughter Milly yesterday I started to see a pattern and by a process of elimination have knocked out all the variables and come up…


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Hangover From The Weekend - Or Should That Be Last Six Weeks?

So today it was Serena and I's first 'day off' in six weeks; like many in 'this industry' this time of year is pretty full on as bare root fruit planting season overlaps with the madness of seed sowing and propagating


I grew up in the business so the 6 am starts and 10pm finishes 7 days a week for x weeks is something I've taken as a norm - but this year the dry weather has really made April a long month. And now into May we still have seen very little rain (2.5 mm) despite…


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Harvesting Asparagus

Here's a quick clip on how to harvest Asparagus...

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Ah Hah!

Slightly slow off the mark I have just discovered where to post these.


So expect random musings and posting of videos and stuff. After all anyone who doesn't want to look doesn't have to!


Today on the nursery we have been working like the clappers trying to get sorted for our Patio Produce Day -  on Saturday (well actually that's just been Jim on the veg and soft fruit patch). The rest of us have been potting up fruit trees... and potting up Herbs and…


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