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First real harvest of 2016

I have ofcourse harvested lettuce, radish and Swiss chard but today I harvested my peas. They were in a raised bed 2mtr X 1 mtr. I sowed them closely in four rows. This year they have produce 2.5lbs of peas. I don't know whether this is good or bad. For me it is great because last year the mice ate the seeds and I produced zero lbs.

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My 2016 season has started

I have sown some tomatoes, chilli and peppers and they are indoors waiting to germinate. Three types of lettuce have also been started indooors. Last year transplanting lettuce plants was more successful than sowing direct.

Last year I lost over 100 peas to mice so this year 200 seeds have been sown in cells in the GH , hopefully this will make a difference and they will then be transplanted under cloches to give them a good start.

This year I will be using nets over all my…


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Now in Planning Mode

Today we picked the last two sweet peppers in the greenhouse. The pathetic crop of chillies were picked yesterday. It was my own fault I bought the seeds from an online website that used foreign supplies. 

I have now planned next year and I have ordered the seeds from a supplier on eBay that I have used before and the results have always been good, and the prices are half that of seeds in major retailers.

My main issue this/next year is to stay with my plan and not keep adding…


Added by Duncan Seth-Smith on November 13, 2015 at 21:01 — 3 Comments

Looking forward to next year!

This year I have had some good results, tomato,broad Beans,Field Beans,beetroot,lettuce,leeks,cabbage,carrots yellow courgettes,chard. I have also had some failures, peas, cauliflowers, broccoli,French climbing beans,parsnips, squash,chilli, sweet peppers. Most of the failures were from a UK website but the packets were foreign, and my guess is that they were old stock. Most of the successes were from seeds from eBay.

Next year I will be getting all my seeds from eBay from a company… Continue

Added by Duncan Seth-Smith on September 3, 2015 at 13:39 — 3 Comments

June is here but where is Summer?

June 8th

A typical mixed summer. One day too hot and the next cold and wet. The veg garden is beginning to show signs of summer. Beetroot, is growing despite the ducks cropping the leaves, parsnips..what parsnips. Carrots just showing. Broad beans and field beans growing well,plenty of flowers.

French beans were looking good but have now turned yellow and could all die.the brassicas, cauliflower,broccoli, and particularly the curly kale are doing well. Swiss chard has been cut once… Continue

Added by Duncan Seth-Smith on June 18, 2015 at 17:21 — 1 Comment

Late April update on May 1st

This is where I am in this part of Lincolnshire. my asparagus is ready for the first harvest, my strawberries are just starting to flower, outside lettuce and radish started to put on growth and then the cold weather arrived, I have marigolds, beetroot and Swiss chard about ready to transplant, they are already hardened off.

Ornamental poppies are at second leaf stage, bizzy Lizzie and delphiniums have not germinated.

My courgettes are progressing quite well but the squash has not… Continue

Added by Duncan Seth-Smith on May 1, 2015 at 21:01 — 1 Comment

An Update from Lincolnshire

This year I have a couple of new systems to record my success and failures. This will now become my main blog because my original blog site is closing.

This year I started my Toms Perle, Tigerella and Marmande, Peppers and Chilli in the house but they are now in the unheated greenhouse and have been potted up into their final pots, well Buckets, 99p from Wickes or £1 from B&Q.and three hanging baskets for the Perle Toms.

My cabbage,broccoli,cauliflower and curly kale were…


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Lincolnshire is nearly ready for spring

This weekend will be the start of the new season for me. Tomatoes, Peppers and Chillies will be sown in plugs in our utility room. I was hoping to sow broad beans and Egyptian beans but we still have frozen ground so I will try next weekend.

I have used the time to build a bird nest box and I hope to get another made this weekend as long as our Grandson wants to help.

We still have a field of leeks nearby, I wonder if they will harvest them or just plough them in? I saw a man walk… Continue

Added by Duncan Seth-Smith on February 6, 2015 at 18:22 — 3 Comments

The Shortest Day gets Nearer

I have not done much on the veg patch but here is my December round up.The Greenhouse needs cleaning but one son has the pressure washer so I will do that in the new year. Inside the greenhouse I have some carrots in a 30ltr tub, these may be ready in Feb 2015, as an experiment for Christmas lunch it failed. I have a tray of lettuce which will be ready soon although the row outside is still OK, no real frost yet. 

I have three trays of Viola seedlings which continue to grow but they…


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Pottering in the October sun

The sun came out so I decided to do some tidying in the garden. The lawn was mown , well I used the mower to hoover up the leaves.

Then into the veg garden to tidy up a bit. The radish , now 3" long and nibbled by mice were pulled along with weeds. I still have lettuce and cabbage in the new strawberry bed so the strawbs and their runners are still in place.

I have removed the netting and dried it ready to be packed away until next year.

This years bed of spinach and… Continue

Added by Duncan Seth-Smith on October 11, 2014 at 18:30 — 4 Comments

October is here - What now?

My update for October begins in the greenhouse. I have violas growing along with lettuce,cabbage and cauliflower. Outside I have foxgloves, delphiniums and polyanthus ready to be planted.


The apples on our young trees have been great, we did not think we would get any until we saw the amount of blossom last spring. Now I just have to get the winter pruning correct.

It has been so mild that I still have lettuce and radish growing in the salad bed, carrots are still in the… Continue

Added by Duncan Seth-Smith on October 3, 2014 at 11:15 — 2 Comments

September Ramblings from Lincolnshire

I sit here in our small porch/conservatory looking out at a garden on the turn towards autumn, the sky is overcast and at 7.20pm the night is drawing in.

I have just shut the ducks away  but the chickens are still out so another trip when it is darker to shut them up for the night.

There is still quite a lot going on in the veg patch, the strawberries are still sending out runners but the whole bed is being moved this year. I need to replace some old plants with this years… Continue

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Making the most of the weather

Is it late Summer or early Autumn? The tomatoes and some flower beds are saying early autumn but the weather is still saying late summer so it seemed like a good day to start clearing the garden of flowers and veg that had gone by it's use by date.

Sue started on the patio beds and I decided to clear the tomatoes and hang any unripened fruit to ripen in the sun. A job well done but on passing the greenhouse the urge to clear the tomatoes was too great and another job undertaken. I… Continue

Added by Duncan Seth-Smith on September 10, 2014 at 17:52 — 1 Comment

Disappointment or a Result

The time came to pick all the ripe toms and we had decided to make some red tomato chutney . I apologise for another blog entry but the idea of joining was to record a full year if possible, I may get bored later, anyway back to the toms.

We picked just under 10lbs of Toms, mainly tigerella and a few tumblers. At the end of the process we have ended up with four jars of chutney, a total of 3.3lbs of chutney. 

So is that a result?. Yes because we now have something to show… Continue

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August, the last day,

The last day of August is here but it has been good this year. This August we have seen two grass snakes in the garden, a first in eleven years, of course they could have been here all along, however I have also seen a couple of dead ones and a couple at the edge of a bean field while driving the pony and carriage.

The seven buddleias I planted have been covered in butterflies and they are just on their second flowering with Red Admirals taking full advantage. This year the herb… Continue

Added by Duncan Seth-Smith on August 31, 2014 at 19:32 — 1 Comment

Tomato Glut - Passata

Last year we had an excess of green tomatoes and we converted them to chutney. This year we have a glut of ripe toms so the first recipe that came to the ipad was Passata.


We like pizzas and spag Bol, lasagne etc so I thought I would try to make some.I used a recipe from the BBC because they rarely let you down.

The first batch looked a bit runny and thin so I reduced it and…


Added by Duncan Seth-Smith on August 29, 2014 at 23:00 — 5 Comments

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