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Leylandii cull

today I got the chainsaw out & started taking down 20 year old leylandii in order to allow more light into the polyT.  Planted them as 2' trees & kept them at a height of around 8'.  Put the polyT  up about 5 years ago, no option but to put it on the north side of the leylandii hence sun restriction.  The trunks will be saved for the wood burner. Half job done today, 2nd half tomorrow.…


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Garden Update

Garden Update

Since my move to the new house,the wife has been working me like a dog,so I haven't been doing…


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Reaping the Remaining Wintery Roots

As I type these words the rain is teeming down outside against a darkened backdrop of utter gloom. In the "news", that fine upholder of the British tradition of talking utter tosh to anyone within earshot that is The Daily Express is predicting apocalyptic scenes of snow-laden Armageddon. That's right people, winter's here. …


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Chestnut & Butternut Squash Risotto

In my quest for recipes using Chestnuts from the Sweet Chestnut tree, I came across this Chestnut and Butternut Squash recipe from the Good Food magazine.  It ticks all the boxes, as far as I’m concerned, as I’m researching and stockpiling as many recipes as I can for when my Sweet Chestnut tree hopefully produces masses of those sweet nuts.  

OK, I know it could be a long wait, as I haven’t yet planted one! But I can practice using Merchant Gourmet packaged or tinned ones, or even…


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bird food

I'm not a greedy gardener and don't mind sharing what I produce with the local wildlife, some of it, anyway. This year there has been enough for all of us and I was happy to let the birds have all the cherries as I was far too busy harvesting bush fruit to worry about climbing a ladder for yet more fruit.

The autumn rasps are still producing like mad but, to be honest, there's only so much you can eat and store so I've decided to leave what's left of the crop for…


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First Summer in the Polytunnel

A review of the first summer growing veg in my polytunnel. 



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Late Season Gardening in Slow Motion

A suitably crisp autumnal day off work, and the first visit to the plot in nearly a month. If we were still in the midst of summer, I'd have been filled full of guilty trepidation at the prospect of the weed-fest our neglect would have dealt us. At this time of year however growth has slowed down to comparative slow motion which, after the…


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Derelict Nostalgia

for years I have driven past this shed & nissen hut watching it slowly crumble. Often thought about the folk who worked the land & used these old buildings over the years. Tough times & tough people no doubt. Also thought about photographing it, once gone that's that etc but never got round to it.…


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Cooking with Chestnuts - Plus Recipes

Cooking with Chestnuts begins with researching how to eat and cook with Sweet Chestnuts. I have come across all sorts of articles  and facts, so before we get to the recipes, here are some important points about choosing, preparing and cooking your Sweet Chestnuts, and interesting ideas on what to do with them. With thanks to The Epicurean Table, …


Added by Angela Strid (Astrid on Website) on November 2, 2013 at 7:15 — 1 Comment

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