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My day off...

Yesterday I had the day booked off work and unlike many people I like to be busy on a day off and see it as my opportunity to have a whole day to get things done around the house and garden, so what did I get up to? Read more at

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The tomatoes are all but finished for this year apart from a few still ripening in the greenhouse. It's been the best year for toms that I can remember but at my age that's not saying much!!  The outdoor plants especially have been amazing.

Each year I try to grow a few new varieties in order to see a) if I like them and b) how they cope with the Cumbrian climate. I also grow a few 'standards' like Alicante, Gardeners Delight and Tumbler but these are too…


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PolyT border Pt 2

UH OH !   quality inspection team just flew in - - - -  I'm nervous :-/ thought as much !!…


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PolyT border Pt 1

Q: when is a polyT not a polyT ?    A: when it's a play/store/junk area ;-)) time to reclaim my patch…


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Decisions Decisions! (findings of the Chief Taster) aka Turbo

Hmm !!  right, lets get started!   …


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Fade To Grey

I couldn't get Visage's 1980 masterpiece out of my head while we were down at the allotment on Saturday, no doubt in…

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Kitchen Garden Multitaskers

Growing Oca, Sweet Potatoes, Yacon and Asparagus Peas in Norfolk.

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Just introducing myself

Hello all

Just introducing myself to you all.  I'm Angela and I run a 5 acre smallholding in South Norfolk, with Cow (see my signature pic), sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs and a large veg patch with polytunnel and soon to be two greenhouses.

I also write my own blog at

Look forward to meeting you all, bye for…


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Boxing Clever

Building for next year.....

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Giant Veg

Truly amazing how they grow them like it 

Read more here and also see Ian Neale, holder of the wold record for the heaviest swede, when he met Snoop Dog. Yes I did say Snoop Dog, hilariously funny.…


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