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No smoke without fire

Why don't people have garden bonfires any more - see more of this post at

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Roll on next spring

Well, that's is then summertime is officialy over  - see more of this post at

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Garlic & Onion Sets Planted

Last weekend I took the opportunity to get out onto the balcony and started planting the over wintering Garlic and Onion Sets. First I did a little tidying up, mainly getting rid of all the Aubergine plants, which I've given up on, I ended up with a lot of flowers, but no Aubergines themselves. I also potted up the Serrano Chili plant and the Pepper (Sweet) plant that I had in the large tub hanging over the balcony, so once it gets a bit colder I can take these indoors.…


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The Big Winter Clean Up

The first to go was the Baby Sweetcorn stalks; these did get pulled out as soon as the Sweetcorn was picked. Moneymaker and Gardeners Delight Tomato plants, which were starting to look a bit on the dead side, along with the Courgette plants were next, I only ever got one Courgette in the end, but next year I'll hopefully get a better crop. After that went the Aubergine plants, now they did flower a lot but much to my disappointment, no much else, like the Courgettes I will have another go next… Continue

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Mange Tout

I do love a bit of Mange Tout, although I think of Del Boy every time I say it.
















It was a wonderful surprise to come back from a half term break to a wonderful crop.



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A Glazed Look

The final trial and tribulations of erecting my 10'x8' greenhouse

If you are thinking of getting one and putting up yourself, I highly recommend taking a look and ensuring you fully appreciate the work involved


A Glazed Look

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Book review and local walk

Two posts today over on my blog here

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Preserves: Easy Tomato Chutney

As I still have a lot of Tomatoes left to eat, I wanted to make some sort of a Chutney and as I've never made this before, I started to do some research into the many different types that can be made, when I came across the below recipe on the 'Good to Know Recipes' website:

Easy Tomato Chutney

1kg (2¼lb) Ripe Tomatoes of any variety or size…


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The trials and tribulations of erecting a greenhouse

I thought this would have been easy but the frame is finally up after a whole day



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Autumn is sort of here

I've been busy with lots of things but the tomatoes keep coming... more at the valegrower

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winter salads

The veg. plot now has a few bare patches where crops have been lifted but there’s still plenty out there to put towards a meal.  The container grown salad crops have been moved into the greenhouse to give some protection from the weather.


Here are radishes, various types…


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Are you plagued by whitefly?

Most years we get some whitefly on the allotment but this year there seems to have been a plague of biblical proportions. Every plot seems to have been affected and they are not just going for the usual suspects - brassicas but seem to be attacking anything that is green - even my courgettes have been affected. I understand that the whitefly can also spread diseases from plant to plant. I know that some people on the allotment have tried spraying with propriatory insectacides that are supposed… Continue

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Pumpkin vs Squash


hugs :) xx

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy few months here!! Have a few new additions, couple of hens (Pease and Pudding), the ducks (Margo and Barbara) and awaiting another hen this weekend!! It was going to be sent to the farm in the sky and I couldn't see that happen, so went on a rescue mission!!

First signs of frost this morning, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can cover my planter with so the veg doesn't get killed off??

All the toms and grapes picked from the greenhouse and it's looking pretty…


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I'm getting a bit overwhelmed

Read my blog post here

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No liposuction required.......


New blog post here

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The End of the Tomatoes

October is now with us and I've been busy collecting all the remaining Gardeners Delight and Moneymaker Tomatoes I've been growing over the summer. Due to the lovely hot spell we had at the end of September, the last of the Tomatoes I though wouldn't ripen, have and last weekend I spent sometime pulling all the plants out which have now started to die away. Leaving room for the Garlic and Onions to be planted.…


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Re-potting Strawberry Runners

Over the last few months I've been carefully looking after the Strawberry Runners, that were taken from the mother plant. These have come on very well and after checking their roots, which had developed really really well, it was time to re-pot and store away for the winter.

I took some 30cm pots and added each of the four developed Strawberry Runners into these with multi-purpose compost, then watered. They are now ready to be placed in the Mini Greenhouse over winter.…


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Preserves: Infused Oils

Creating Oil Preserves has always been something I love to do, but this can be a very sensitive area, as I've read that flavored Oils should only be kept for a certain amount of time, so normally I only create small amounts that I use within a few days. Having recently purchased the book 'Preserves: River Cottage Handbook No.2', by Pam Corbin, I found some great tips and ways to keep Oils for longer,… Continue

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