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Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Busy

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Processing garden produce into winter preserves is a time-consuming business.  This week it has been the turn of windfall apples, the last of the cherry tomatoes, and an over-abundance of courgettes.…



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billyoh 20 range 8x6 windows stable door openl How to Build a Shed Base

Are you looking to build a shed base?

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have a level and sturdy base for your new shed in no time…

1) Think where to put your shed!

  • Make sure there’s access (for delivery and access to all sides…

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September Ramblings from Lincolnshire

I sit here in our small porch/conservatory looking out at a garden on the turn towards autumn, the sky is overcast and at 7.20pm the night is drawing in.

I have just shut the ducks away  but the chickens are still out so another trip when it is darker to shut them up for the night.

There is still quite a lot going on in the veg patch, the strawberries are still sending out runners but the whole bed is being moved this year. I need to replace some old plants with this years… Continue

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Home and Away ...

read more ...When we are away from home taking a break at the coast – I think about the garden – will my neighbour keep everything well watered – will I have huge marrow like courgettes to come back to – will all my new seedlings have withered in my absence.

I needn’t have worried.  I harvested as much as I could before we went away – told my neighbour to…


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The last harvest?

September has provided some us some serious gluts as well a couple of useful lessons, all set to a soundtrack of ominous, if not outright grim, undertones. More on that last bit later, but first here's some of what we've hauled in and…

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Making the most of the weather

Is it late Summer or early Autumn? The tomatoes and some flower beds are saying early autumn but the weather is still saying late summer so it seemed like a good day to start clearing the garden of flowers and veg that had gone by it's use by date.

Sue started on the patio beds and I decided to clear the tomatoes and hang any unripened fruit to ripen in the sun. A job well done but on passing the greenhouse the urge to clear the tomatoes was too great and another job undertaken. I… Continue

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Disappointment or a Result

The time came to pick all the ripe toms and we had decided to make some red tomato chutney . I apologise for another blog entry but the idea of joining was to record a full year if possible, I may get bored later, anyway back to the toms.

We picked just under 10lbs of Toms, mainly tigerella and a few tumblers. At the end of the process we have ended up with four jars of chutney, a total of 3.3lbs of chutney. 

So is that a result?. Yes because we now have something to show… Continue

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Autumn Preparations For A Bountiful Winter

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As the weather has turned colder, more blustery and extremely wet over the last couple of weeks – my thoughts have turned to preparations for autumn and winter.  A little early for…


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Spicy chicken with fennel and green garlic

spicy chicken with fennel and garlic


 add olive oil to a hot pan, add 3 chillies, two medium slice onions, cook until they are soft; brown the chicken, season with salt and pepper, 3 tbsp of dry sherry, juice of half lemon; 2 cardamoms, 1 star aniseed, one glass of water, cook in high heat first for 10 minutes and then put the lid on, and turn down the heat to…


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