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National Vegetable Championships - Malvern

This is the most prestigouse vegetable show of the year, at the highest level

Have a read here…


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After the Deluge, part deux

It has been another week of treacherous weather in the North East. While floods in June and …


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Kelsae Onions with bulbils

Last year after returning from working in India I returned to my plot to harvest the Kelsaes which had been left to their own devices for over 3 months. They hadn't achieved any great size and most were around the 1lb mark, but one was almost 2lbs. I held this onion back and later placed the bulb into a large pot to see if I'd be successful in getting any seeds. Well soon the onion started to throw leaves and the bulb began to split it eventually threw up flower spikes from each of the split…


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sweet success

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Picking battles

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Installing new methods

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Proof that covering brassicas works

Earlier this year I planted some winter cabbages and covered them with a fine mesh cover.  There was one spare plant that I left uncovered - here are the results.

These were the covered cabbages - hardly any slug damage and no caterpillar damage…


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The big autumn clean up

Well I've made a start anyway - in the greenhouse.  All the tomatoes have been stripped off the plants and the plants have been chopped down and removed.

Last year the beloved made me a table out of old pallets to give me more room  to store my winter veg.

I feel better once the greenhouse is organised so I have more room to make late sowings.  I don't heat the greenhouse over winter so make sure I have plenty of fleece at the ready for extra protection. …


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Goodbye Gardeners Delight

The Gardeners Delight tomatoes that I planted outside have finally bitten the dust - they have been absolutely rubbish this year - there were lots of tiny green fruits on them which have no chance of ripening now  - so I have pulled them all out and cut all the toms off in the hope of them ripening in the greenhouse.  The only ones I have left now are half a dozen Sungold plants which haven't been affected by blight and are fruiting like crazy.   What a funny old year this has been

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The one veg I haven't been worried about are the leeks - they seem to withstand most weathers - but now quite a few are bolting and producing flower heads - will cutting the heads off help or are they no use once this has happened.  Any advice welcome.

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Spinach and Chard

Help!  All the spinach and chard plants are going to seed - after that bout of rainy weeks that we had you wouldn't have thought it was possible but the ground is really dry now - I have been cutting all the seed heads off but the plants don't seem to be making new leaf.  I have sown a late batch in the greenhouse as a back up - looks like I'm going to need it.

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Late burst of activity on the tomato front

The outdoor tomatoes (Sungold) have finally started going bananas.  They didn't get caught by blight but have been very slow in coming to fruition.   They have finally started to ripen and I am picking a punnetful every day.  Guess I am going to have to get my act together and start doing something with them.  As they are a gold colour they don't look very good being turned into tomato sauce - reckon I'll have to put my thinking cap on.

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Starting to bring the outdoor veg in

As it is getting so chilly now I have been bringing in some of the container veg into the greenhouse - dwarf beans, lettuce etc.  - I hear that there may be some frost on the horizon - I just hope the late sown runners don't succumb to it as their pot is too big to move - I suppose I could always wrap them in fleece.

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Late Brassica plantings

I have been waiting to plant out some spring cabbage so that they wouldn't get devastated by caterpillars - do you reckon all the cabbage whites have finished laying eggs now and it will be safe to plant without them all getting eaten.

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Super Spaghetti Squash

Just cut two spaghetti squashes - the sum total of my squash harvest.  Really disappointed that none of the others have produced anything - was looking forward to seeing how the Turks Turban would turn out - but nothing has appeared, no Butternuts either.  Now all I have to do is find out how to cook the darn things which are the size of a honeydew melon.

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Lazy Harvest Time

Fresh back from brief holiday's in Dublin, we had just time to do a swift bit of harvesting and surveying of the plot this morning, after having escorted my sister down to the Great North Run. Read…


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For anyone who loves courgettes i have grown 3 varieties this year, Blck Beauty, Golden and Bianca Trieste. The Bianca Trieste have produced constantly at a rate of 4 to one against the other two! So if you really love your courgettes, give them a try. Mine came from premier seeds direct.



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Mutant Veg = Jealousy/ Bemusement

So last Sunday, with a head that felt like it was filled with aching fur, I trotted with Kasia down to Newcastle Civic Centre to have a look at the …


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The wanderer returns - and all is well

Returning from a late summer break I wasn't sure what I would find at the plot - as the weather had been hot and sunny all week.  It turns out the plot did pretty well without my interference


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Food Glorious Food

Sexy photos of what we're eating now :)

Link ~

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