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August, the last day,

The last day of August is here but it has been good this year. This August we have seen two grass snakes in the garden, a first in eleven years, of course they could have been here all along, however I have also seen a couple of dead ones and a couple at the edge of a bean field while driving the pony and carriage.

The seven buddleias I planted have been covered in butterflies and they are just on their second flowering with Red Admirals taking full advantage. This year the herb… Continue

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Tomato Glut - Passata

Last year we had an excess of green tomatoes and we converted them to chutney. This year we have a glut of ripe toms so the first recipe that came to the ipad was Passata.


We like pizzas and spag Bol, lasagne etc so I thought I would try to make some.I used a recipe from the BBC because they rarely let you down.

The first batch looked a bit runny and thin so I reduced it and…


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Bank Holiday Beanfest

A couple of hours were wrested from a busy bank holiday on Sunday morning and spent among the crops and weeds. After a storming July, August has been decidedly nippy, with wild talk of frosts in those sheltered rural areas that seem so…

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A glut of cucumbers = cocktails!

Well it would wouldn't it?! I've four cucumbers that needed picking and despite salads and crudités we're not really making a dent in our stash. And there's more to come too!

With the weather turning salads could be a thing of the not too distant past so as I'd chopped my mint down too I opted for these cucumber and mint vodka-based cocktails. Very good too

Now I'm on the lookout for a recipe to pickle the smaller ones that are still growing. Do you have a reliable… Continue

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Corsley Show results

The results are first NVS red card!

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BOTH 7 Tasty Vegetables To Plant In August Ready For Eating This Winter

Growing vegetables is something many people don’t consider because they are unaware of exactly when to plant certain vegetables during the year to get the best results. The variety of new meal ideas and healthy supermarket alternatives offered to your family from growing vegetables in the garden is fantastic. With autumn already creeping up on us, this month is the perfect time to start growing if you want to bring home-grown food to your kitchen table this…


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The Gits Strike Again

There was a story on the news tonight about how homo sapiens are now thought to have spent a good few thousand years alongside our neanderthal cousins before the latter bit the dust, trading, exchanging and even mating with them. Well,…

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Who are the National Veg Society?

Who are the NVS ?

Well they are the leading organisation in the Country for Vegetables

Whereas the RHS are horticulture on the whole, the NVS are specifically for Vegetables and lead the way in establishing the best quality growing techniques 

Read more here about them and how it benefited me…


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The moral of the compost bin story...

In short, it's to empty it regularly! But then again if we had we may have missed this photo opportunity of our compost with box clipping "hair"

The link also has an update on cucumbers and tomatoes (which are only just starting to ripen) and some photos of our posing robin.

Added by Life at 139a on August 7, 2014 at 11:37 — 2 Comments

Purple Patch

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