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Too late to plant more peas?

I am on the East Coast-is it too late to get another couple of rows of peas in? If so what sort? It has been a great year here for peas and it is so unusually warm. My granddaughters eat my peas as fast as I pick them.  One day I might even get round to cooking some

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Allium Overdrive

We must be either mad dogs or Englishmen, because it was sweltering in the midday sun on Saturday. Having been frolicking up in Northumberland (of which more in due course) during the first of two weeks off work, the weeds required…

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carrot fly

this is the second year of beating the dreaded fly by sowing autumn king at the beginning of june instead of march /may i was given this tip from a chap when we got talking about veg growing and i mentioned that for a few years my carrots were ruined i tried shielding them with high sides mixed spring onions marigolds but with not much success however last year and this i seem to be doing ok fingers crossed

Added by steve heath on July 13, 2014 at 18:40 — 7 Comments

Spotted: some teeny-weeny tomatoes

My tomatoes are underway - the Supersweet 100 is the first to fruit with Rosada closely behind. Lots of flowers on my remaining tomato plants so hopefully I'll have lots of tomatoes towards the end of the summer.

In the greenhouse my Redskin peppers are going well, which is great as I don't usually have much success with peppers. There's also cucumbers and chillies in flowe, but no fruit yet.

Back in the raised beds the dwarf beans, lettuces and coriander is doing well but… Continue

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