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Light nights

Not sure I like all this daylight - it's 9.30 and no sign of darkness yet - it makes me feel guilty that I'm not outdoors doing something.  I like proper evenings, when after a good day's toil you come indoors, light the lamps, get a good fire going and relax, with no guilt attached.

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Larch Cottage

No gardening today as I had a trip out to Larch Cottage Nurseries at Melkinthorpe near Penrith. To describe it as a garden centre would do it a great injustice. It is another world, a magical place which I like to think is frequented by real gardeners rather than just somewhere to pick up the latest 'lifestyle' items.

To give you some idea I've included a few pics at.…


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Growth spurt

Since the day- long rain we had yesterday, had a wander this morning, slug-hunting, and noticed that everything seems to have doubled in size - it's amazing what a good drop of rain will do.

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Little things mean a lot

I have managed to put a couple of hours work in the garden today, doing the little jobs that soon mount up when you have bigger things on your mind.  Like tying in the tomatoes and adding to the pea supports, staking the broad beans that have been blown down, pulling out all those fiddley little weeds that grow inbetween the onions.  Completing all these minor tasks gives you a satisfied feeling where you can say to yourself 'Good job done', now what's next on the list?

Added by elaine rickett on May 31, 2011 at 16:18 — 6 Comments


The c. Jackmanii outside my kitchen window continues to flower rather prettily. I only wish clematis had a longer flowering period.

Im planning on taking a bunch of cuttings in a month or two. 




Added by Melinda Que_Linda on May 31, 2011 at 16:00 — 3 Comments


I imagine I'm not the only one who has to engage in the lesser known sport of garden space bartering.  

The thing is Matt likes the lawn, & as our garden is mainly comprised of lawn in order for me to re-designate a space as a flower bed, or a veg bed, a pond, or a meadow, it takes a little cunning.  

Friday afternoon I set about a little 're-designation' of a small section of our front lawn, on the right side, along a sloped edge.  I had marked a straight line out with the…


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Slow Progress- nothing to eat yet!

Growth has been very start/stop so far this year.


I prepared pretty well, but so far Ive eaten nothing I planted this year !

There have been limiting factors:


Inconsistencies in the weather- drought, gales, hailstones and downpours

Heavy clay - often dry, despite my attempts to keep it hydrated and aerated. 

Heavy shade -  Nothing I can do about that until I grow a pair.

Snails and Cats- bane of my existence. Cats have taken to…


Added by Melinda Que_Linda on May 31, 2011 at 13:30 — 4 Comments

Sensory Pleasures.

The house has a side return and I've filled it on one side with white roses, and the other side with jasmines which are just opening.

Yesterday I opened the back gate and was overwhelmed with fragrance. It was so utterly gorgeous to be completely immersed in a warm, sensuous wave of rose, jasmine and vanilla. I closed my eyes and took the deepest breaths possible.

Icebergs arent particularly known for their fragrance, but because it flowers so profusely in a relatively…


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Our slimey friends are out in force

I haven't been able to get out in the garden today as it has rained non stop - but guess who has - yes, you've guessed Mrs. Slug and Mr. Snail.  A friend of mine gave me some Cliome seedlings - they are a pretty pink flower with spiney stems but the slugs and snails love them.  I went out to check up on them after the rain had stopped and four of the dozen small plants had been felled.  I knew there was a reason why I didn't grow them myself I had just forgotten they were so attractive to the… Continue

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I have only just joined this site and already I am having email via UK Veg Gardeners web page in which ladies of desrepertable repetation ie porn are accessing my email. This I find very distastful. Will you therefore remove me from you site imediately. Having only recently been widowed I find this very nasty  

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All Good Intentions

Whilst I write this post, it’s raining quite nicely at the moment here in Bucks. I’ve just harvested a couple of my yellow courgettes which my wife has popped into a lasagne...

Added by Matt Richmond on May 30, 2011 at 14:36 — 3 Comments

Another Three Weeks...........


Amazing how quickly the veg is growing..........

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Greenhouse Sort Out

A really good greenhouse tidy up this morning...........

Added by Damo on May 28, 2011 at 14:16 — 2 Comments

Plot 13

After disaterous couple of weeks which resulted in this week me being made redundant and breaking my iPhone I finally managed to secure myself a sizeable allotment on Friday!!! Hoorah!!

I received some useful and helpful advise from the allotments secretary I chose a location close to the water source, near the entrance and also to the car park. All agreed and just about to sign when was informed it was plot 13!!!


Having tought about the luck I have had of late I…


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The conditions of marriage!

Good news! The chap who owns the allotment plot next door has finally turned up. His excuse for having done nothing whatsoever this year to his allotment is that he is busy with all the arrangements for getting married next September. A reasonable and happy excuse.

He has the rolling accent of someone from Liverpool.  In other words, he is a ‘scouser’ as we affectionately like to call folk who come from that part of the world. The plot belongs to his wife-to-be. Perhaps her terms and…


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Exclusive: Tidy Shed Picture

Added by elaine rickett on May 28, 2011 at 8:42 — 9 Comments

The Gardeners' Refuge

I decided to clear out the Allotment Shed this afternoon.  I discovered rotting egg boxes, a left over from when I sold eggs, a pile of hard potatoes that rats had dragged out of the paper sacks they were stored in, split buckets, piles of baling twine - the list of rubbish is endless.  The stained kitchen rug I put down to give it an air of domestication was full of winter mud, and generally, it looked a right mess.  I hoiked everything out, bundled canes neatly, hung all the tools, swept, got… Continue

Added by elaine rickett on May 27, 2011 at 15:51 — 8 Comments

Research help? Which should I buy........


After watching one of the Chelsea programes yesterday & being told that our pollinating insects are slowly starving to death because there just aren't enough plants that they can get pollen & necter from.  I have decided to pack our raised flower bed with useful flowers.  It already has these azalias & geraniums (thanks for the ID Melinda):

Pretty in pink. Dark Pink Azalea


I'm going to take cuttings from the Azaleas & make a large swash…


Added by Zoe on May 27, 2011 at 9:37 — 1 Comment

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