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Glorious day wasn't it? Had a marathon tomato potting up session, all now potted on. It was so warm in the greenhouse today, that some of the tomatoes fainted! had to rush them into the shade, were t…

Glorious day wasn't it? Had a marathon tomato potting up session, all now potted on. It was so warm in the greenhouse today, that some of the tomatoes fainted! had to rush them into the shade, were they later recovered. Moved the shallots, that have all sprouted bar 3 into the cold frame ( Which, today was a warm frame 1! ). Sowed another row of peas " Early Onward", my first batch were "Douce Provence" from saved seed, they started off well enough in the greenhouse, but since I planted them…


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Spuds Away!

And we're up and running. A remarkably fine Sunday gave us the chance to commit our first potatoes to the soil last weekend. We dug over one of the patches that we've inherited from our former plot-mate Toni, having been given the…

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PSB - my favourite veg

Well, PSB is currently my favourite veg.... (I have lots of favourites). Seriously, it is one that I grow every year because I love it so much, and good PSB is hard to buy. The stuff sold in shops is always shrivelled-up and floppy.

In recent years I have tried several of the modern cultivars, like Rudolph, Red Arrow, and Red Spear, but I reckon that the older varieties are hard to beat. "Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli" always seems to produce the biggest…


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A Tonne of Stuff Going On

That's going to take a while to shift...

Since deciding where the raised beds were going to go, and actually putting them there a couple of weeks ago they have lain empty. The whole…


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Getting your veg off to a great start

I don't know about you but I can feel spring on its way and I'm itching for more time in the garden. If you are anything like me, you will be thinking about what vegetables you want to plant, when they need planting and how to prepare the ground so that you grow the biggest and tastiest vegetables possible.

I find that nothing helps your vegetable patch along better, than good old fashioned compost.  

Which compost?

So which compost should you be using? Well that…


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I am giving Celery another got his year

Seeds came up in just over two weeks

Read full post here…


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Sowing grass seed

I dont know whether there is ever a right time to sow grass seed, but March 13th does not seem right.

 Nonetheless I am risking the prospect of a warm late winter/early spring, by planting grass seed for a new lawn beneath the Appletrees.

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Brassica's my top tips - Part 1

I gave a talk to Sherfield English Garden Club last night on Brassica's

Here is my top tips part one to succesfull brassica's beit Cabbage Cauliflower or Sprouts

Click here to read more…


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What a load of sh*t

Or Manure as it is know on the horticultural world

Also, an update on the progression of my stuff and sowing new seeds…


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Winter greens

Nice to have some greens coming off the plot at this time of year

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The Cut Flower Patch - book review and giveaway

I've always wanted to grow flowers for cutting but felt that would deplete the look of the garden.  A new book by UK Veg Gardener Sweet Pea Lou, she of the…


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Top 10 Tips for a New Allotment

There's quite a lot to think about when taking on a new allotment, especially if it's your first plot. Often, however, a year or two spent on a waiting list gives you time to think about what you want to plant and how you will tend your little piece of Eden. But when you get that call saying a plot is available, the time for decision and action suddenly arrives; what do you do first?

Here are my top tips for someone taking on allotment for the first time. I'm assuming (perhaps…


Added by Chris Stokes on March 3, 2014 at 19:31 — 1 Comment

Transforming a garden..... little by little.

Converting a garden from a "wild" garden to a highly cultivated one, can take years. I started about five years ago, and the way I am going, it will take me another five before I can put in an application to invite people in from time to time.

Some things are very satisfying, fruit trees being one.

I just discovered the name, in a hard copy tome, of an unusual yellow plant at the back door.

The Jerusalem Sage.  It's a bush with a long flowering…


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Me vs weeds - trying out cardboard mulch

Here's the alarming sight in my veg plot - it looks like a lawn, but no - that's where I left the ground uncovered over the winter. It's been so mild, none of the weeds died - and the grass has invaded! You can just see off to the left, where I covered another patch with cardboard - I only put one layer on,…


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