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March Soon Dissapeares

My last post was 20 days ago (as I write this). In it I stated a number of aims that would be completed on the allotment during my week off work. Well, not all were completed (I am blaming the weather) but good progress was made.
The first task that was completed was putting up a fence around the plot. It surrounds both plot A2 and my parents plot A1. We used fairly sturdy fence posts purchased from Mole Valley. We laid them on the ground and figured about one post length…

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Progress Report

It seems like we've had bitter east winds for months on end and then the recent snowfall has put paid to any thoughts of getting much done to the veg plot for a while. Late March is usually the start of things getting busy but I've done very little apart from aimless pottering and thumb twiddling. Because I don't dig I apply thick mulches in autumn the plot has only needed a rake over and a bit of light weeding to get it ready and waiting for this year's crops. Some things are moving in the…


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Re-covered greenhouse

Re-covered with anti UV coating polythene sheet for £25 hope it does the trick, the old covering only lasted 2 yrs I am loathe to spend much more.

Have also been tidying the plot ready for planting.…


Added by david ford on March 27, 2013 at 15:30 — 9 Comments

Brassica's Potted up

Brassica's Potted Up

My Brassica's were doingwell so were potted up this week

I have a good selection this year of Cabbage and Cauliflower

Read more:                    

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Spring Greens - Are They Worth Growing?

Every summer, about the end of July/beginning of August  I sow the seeds of Spring Cabbage or Spring Greens, as they are more commonly called.  If you want to be able to harvest something from the veg plot in early  spring, when there is very little else to eat, then growing spring greens is a good plan.

The only downside to this is that you need to have space to grow quite a few plants as they are a loose-leaf cabbage that doesn’t form a tight heart.  So if you only have limited…

Added by elaine rickett on March 21, 2013 at 22:13 — 3 Comments

Kelsae Onions....

These chaps, now need to be planted out, cannot raise the lights any higher, with, which, the tips of some leaves, are getting burnt. Will we get a Spring and Summer this year???…


Added by Fred Hogg on March 21, 2013 at 8:28 — 4 Comments

Thinking Vertically when growing Strawberries

I don’t have much room for strawberries in the veg garden so I usually think vertically for planting.  Hanging baskets, plant pots on the greenhouse staging or troughs raised off the floor.  There are a few reasons for this – one is that it stops slugs and  birds attacking the precious berries and the other is that when they start fruiting they look decorative trailing over the sides of the containers, plus it makes them easier to harvest.  I have just transplanted my overwintering plants…

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Chili Peppers and Snow Storms

Today is the worst day of this winter.

I placed my seedlings safely inside and they are now overcrowding the dining table.

It must end sometime this very long winter we are having!…


Added by Laila Noort on March 12, 2013 at 16:07 — 2 Comments

a new chapter

the fingers are getting itchy to get those seeds sown, but first we have to move!  Yes the 'M' word, oh how I hate packing and Im sure unpacking will be just as much fun......not.  But the excitement is the bit of land we will have (all being well).  I have lots of plans, probably too many, especially in the first year, I have my seeds and some new strawberry plants on the way too, could be tempted to get some asparagus too.  The hens…


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To cover or not to cover thats the question

My Father has managed to get hold of some black plastic as next year we are going to cover the beds over to stop the weeds coming up over winter and to make it earlier in the spring. Covering your plot as I have found out is split into 2 camps those whom swear by it and do it every year and those whom feel it should never be covered, me I am of the opinion you don’t know until you try it so that’s what we plan to do.…


Added by Stacy Drury on March 11, 2013 at 14:30 — 1 Comment

Onions.Leeks & Celery

Well after watching the rugby yesterday I was more than ready to spend the afternoon in the greenhouse today sorting out my onions, leeks  and celery. I've grown Starburst this year and have 24 plants potted into cells and growing nicely.…

Added by John Martin on March 10, 2013 at 22:53 — 1 Comment

Early and second early potatoes

My Potatoes are in, planted by my usual method of dig a hole with a trowel about 15cm deep wrap the chitted potato in a sheet of newspaper (which my friend suggested) cover with a seaweed mix of compost and earth up another 10cm or so, I usually earth up just once more when the hulm is about 15cm high. 

Added by david ford on March 10, 2013 at 12:30 — 3 Comments

Think we're ready now ....

Wow we have been busy, making the most of last weekends very nice weather we've managed to sort out and tidy our veg plot.

Before we started we just had the 2 raised beds but after some hard work and shoveling we now have 3…


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The Frugal Veg Garden

This year I am on an economy drive - trying to be as frugal as I can in all aspects of my life - and this includes the vegetable garden.  The fact is that I usually get a bit carried away with spending money on the garden and growing veg is supposed to help save money. continued at A Woman of the Soil

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they're off

The potatoes in the greenhouse are poking their shoots above the compost and I have plenty of fleece handy should we get a prolonged cold spell.

Container peas and radishes are also shooting up and the…


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Sweet Peas -Lathyrus Odoratus

According to the Guardian this is THE year to grow Sweet Peas.  This is a photo from last year with a lot of damage from the rain. For sweet peas sake I hope this growing season will be better.…


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Snow or no Snow you can't hold back a daffodil

Last Sunday I got my first encounter of Spring. Finally I may add because up until yesterday everything was still covered with a thick layer of snow here.

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Feeling a bit seedy...

As minds turn to what can be sown when, I've just done a full stock-take of our seed stash and, well, we've got loads. Read…


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A year in the planning

It’s been a week since my last visit to the plot, and today I started a Project

IMG_0891 that has been a year in the making, like I have said

before my Parent’s work in a factory where they dispose of lots of wood (it goes

off to be re-cycled) but they are able to take it home with permission of cause,

I have asked them to gather some timber for me to…


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