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January 2016 Blog Posts (3)

Composting with Coffee Grounds

I’ve had a few questions at work about coffee grounds and composting. People are interested to know if and how they can use coffee grounds in their compost. So hopefully this will help answer some of those questions.

First of all coffee grounds are a very good addition to your composting efforts. They should be considered a "green" or nitrogen source. 

While it is widely thought that they are acidic it has been shown that most of this acidity is…


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Green Manure

I always think that when I start to dig in the green manure on the allotment in January, that its the start of the gardening year. its one job I don't mind doing, there nothing better on a cold crisp day then get warmed up by digging.

The Hungarian Gazing Rye before I started to dig…


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Ive germinated some pepper seeds which I took from some normal supermarket bell peppers but have read mixed information on whether these will eventually fruit or not.
Has anyone done the same- and what sort of luck did you have...

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