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Tomatoes That I Will Hopefully Grow in 2013

Tomatoes are my favourite food. Every since I was little I have eaten lots and lots of tomatoes. In our first season on the allotment back in 2011 we attempted to grow greenhouse and outdoor tomatoes. It appeared the outdoor ones were not too fond of our lovely Lake District weather, so last year we didn't even bother with any outdoor tomatoes and just stuck to growing well-known varieties (Gardener's Delight, Sungold, Ailsa Craig) in the greenhouse. 
This year I wanted to try…

Added by chocolatelikesnow on January 31, 2013 at 13:46 — 2 Comments

Le Blog Premiere

Hello, having just joined you as a refugee from another gardening site that disappeared, thought I'd try my hand at writing a blog. So pay attention, and try not to fall asleep!

 Having got the post Chrismas ice and snow out of the way, (for now at least), last weekend gave the greenhouse a thorough clean out ready for all the plants that will soon be filling it with verdant growth, I hope. The usual crops are:- Tomatoes - my favourite, growing mainly heritage type, although my…


Added by Trevor Alun Davies on January 30, 2013 at 21:52 — 1 Comment

Tomatoes - The jewels of the garden


Well, how did we all get on with our tomatoes last year?  I made the decision to grow more outdoors - bad decision!  The poor plants didn't stand a chance against the wet weather and blight.  Up at the plot the Sungold stood their ground and didn't succumb,  they were very slow to produce any fruits, but gradually caught up, and I was still picking them in October.…

Added by elaine rickett on January 30, 2013 at 8:18 — 4 Comments

Well i've done it now ...

i've gone and sown my 1st lot of veggies for this year, only a handful of each mind.  I've done about 5 - 6 tomato seeds from a small kit i got from Poundland that included a mini propergater and then in other slightly bigger propergaters i've sown chilli's, pepper's, leek's and marigold's.

I think in about 3 - 4…


Added by kim bowers on January 29, 2013 at 21:20 — 3 Comments

thumb twiddling...

After some quite mild weather early in the month it all went downhill with frost and snow to be followed by rain and gale force winds, so I'm doing a lot of thumb twiddling and gazing at leaden skies. My main potato order is yet to arrive but I have about 60 assorted tubers chitting in the utility room. These I've picked up from Wilko's, Poundland and elsewhere and will be the earliest of my earlies grown in the greenhouse.

more over my…


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African violets

Help! I have a gorgeous African violet, but I have never transplanted it or moved it into a larger pot. It is still in its original grocery store 4" plastic pot (2 years now). It blooms repeatedly, has been blooming for over a month and is now 16" around with some of the leaves >4" long!  I love it and feed it African violet food every time I water. I know I need to transplant it, but believe I should…


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Decisions, Decisions...

The weather has not been allotment-friendly of late. We had a lot of snow on Friday, which had turned to slush by Saturday, and now we have the delights of heavy rain and gales. Anyway, I thought it was best to start thinking about what to grow this year. Potatoes more.

Added by chocolatelikesnow on January 29, 2013 at 11:30 — 1 Comment

Seed Sort Out and Free Giveaway

Too many seed packets so giving away a few!!

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Time for my first Celery sowing

The weather was a bit better today but we have suffered from snow and hard frost for the last week or so.  Today was spent in the greenhouse re arranging my leeks & onions and sowing my first lot of Celery, I've elected to try Star Burst this year and I'm hoping to have some ready to show On the 31st of July at The Black Isle show, hence why I'm starting so early.  I also sowed my Parsley today in the hope that I'll get some plants for our local shows.  I've sieved my…

Added by John Martin on January 27, 2013 at 17:59 — 3 Comments

Seed Potatoes

Had a really good day at the Hampshire Potato Day in Whitchurch, so many seed potatoes to choose from!

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Week 4 – The Silence of Snow

Sign in snow



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Sheds & Shelters 3. Cubby Hole

plot 52

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How Not To Grow Lettuce

 The Oregon State University partnered with the Oregon Food Banks Learning Gardens Programme has asked for my permission to reprint this photo in the booklet that will accompany the courses.
I can only guess that they will be…

Added by elaine rickett on January 23, 2013 at 18:30 — 1 Comment

plot 58 Seed giveaway 2013

this year i have decided to give away al my unwanted seeds FREE check out my blog for how to get your hands on here

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Grow your own... and stop wasting food.

Probably most of you understand the importance of growing your own. After reading the article in the Guardian about more than half of the food in the world being wasted there is only one solution, more people should grow their own right?

Added by Laila Noort on January 21, 2013 at 13:21 — 2 Comments

Seedlings and snow.... Everywhere!

So looking forward to getting started we have set the first seeds

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Winter Leek Soup

Unless you are exceptionally organised, there is little to harvest from the allotment in January. Unfortunately, the cabbages and purple sprouting broccoli I did plant in hope of eating throughout the 'hungry gap' got eaten by the slugs. Last year was a very good more.

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A great post on Potato Growing for Beginners

Check out Seed Parad's gardening blog - for a comprehensive look at potato growing…


Added by elaine rickett on January 20, 2013 at 10:16 — No Comments

What we spend on food

The controversy over horse meat in burgers (I gather it was Tesco value range) coincided with a book I have been reading about.

It appears in the 1950`s we used to spend 33% or one third of our income on food that compares with just 17% today.

 I do remember eating very well as a child, large meat joints that used to last for days fresh fruit and veg from the local shops home made pies and soups I could go on  but if you were a war baby you would…


Added by david ford on January 19, 2013 at 19:00 — 4 Comments

This week in the English SowandSo Garden


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