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Rather than going round each other's Pages to find the links to your blogs, I thought it would be good (and quicker) if everyone introduced themselves and their blog a little in this Discussion :)


So what's your name and where do you blog from?...

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Hi VP,

I'm Angela, Astrid on my blog, which I write with my husband. It started off as a blog that had anything to do with food, from soil to plate type of thing, with food adventures in between. But as I used to share an allotment, then created a Kitchen Garden from scratch at home in Hessle, then moved to Hornsea (East Yorkshire) and am in the process of totally renovating a long, narrow garden, and creating a new Kitchen Garden.

The organic side of growing is even more important to me, as I'm undergoing Chemotherapy at the moment, so the thought of growing our own vegetables and fruit is even more appealing, for our health. Also, being outside and breathing in that Hornsea sea air makes me feel incredibly healthy and takes my mind off the Chemo etc. (Chemo etc is going very well, fingers crossed.)

Also have a wood-fired oven which should have its first outing any day now. The blog is called Sharing Our Food Adventures, and the link is  We've been going for almost 3 years, and I tend to do most of my writing very early in the morning, so that I can spend the days outside digging and sowing and weeding at the moment. Just starting to plant fruit trees for a mini-orchard, which, hopefully, will be a Wild Flower Meadow in summer next year.  

I also love to cook, and research any recipe using herbs, vegetables and fruit that can be grown in a kitchen garden. So the blog has loads of recipes as well.  Hope you like it.  I know I enjoy writing it.



Hello everyone,

I have been blogging for years but not about gardening. However I have just started my gardening blog: Edible but Beautiful.  My gardening experiment is to create a vegetable garden which also works visually, as it is replacing my flower beds. I am one year in on the experiment and the blog is primarily a diary reminding me of what I have achieved, what worked, and what didn't. And if necessary I hope it will raise my spirit, which was partly why I have created the blog in the low season. Perhaps some people will even enjoy reading it!


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