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I am new to this excellent web site and this will be my first post.

My wife was talking the other day about the rising price of veg we buy from the supermarkets, i have a nice garden i have decided to grow some root veg just to help with the food budget,i have decided to go for some maris piper seed potatoes and will grow them in a dustbin to be planted this sunday coming.I have two bin's so was wondering what would be best timescale to plant the second bin.I also have two old recycling box's that i would like to use one for carrots and the other for onions,and again when would be the best time to plant those.Also could i use the same compost for all that i will be growing,and if so what would be the best.

                  any help would be very much appreciated.


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Get the taties in as soon as possible. If you use commercial multi-purpose compost you will need to give a liquid feed throughout the growing season as it doesn't contain that much in the way of nutrients. There's plenty on the net about growing in containers but if you want a quick link have a look at my blog page.

Thank You Colin for your reply,shall do it saturday,due to work commitments,also a very informative Blog as well

           Thank You once Again


Tony said:
Thank you for asking Fiona, Well I am amazed I put the first lot (Maris Piper) in on the 6 May and now they have grown past the top of the dustbin and the wife has seen the start of flowering,I also planted Two more Bins on the 26 May and they are around Two thirds off the top of the bins,So yes getting very excited now to hopefully harvest them.
Diane my wife and I just hope to get some spuds as we have seen a couple of video clips where after flowering,the harvest produced nothing.
Just to let you know I have only used compost bought from a garden centre and fed them with some blood fish and bone,and also a little tomato feed mixed in a watering can with the water coming from the water but. Fingers Crossed.
Will try and post a couple of pic's with them in the bins and of the harvest
Yes very exciting,please let me know how you get on at the harvest time Fiona.

Kind regards tony


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