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I grow nearly all my carrots in containers now and am especially fond of the black flower buckets from supermarkets. Anyway, my wife wanted some carrots for mince and vegetable pies she was making for the freezer so instead of pulling just a few I emptied out one complete bucket full. When I say emptied out I had to split the bucket they were jammed in so tight.

The tennis ball is just for wasn't in the tub. I got just over two pounds of carrots which seems to be the typical veg yield from a flower bucket as I get about the same with parsnips and potatoes. If you sow further apart or thin the carrots you get bigger roots but the yield stays about the same.

No carrot fly damage either with this method as you can raise them well above the ground and easily cover with enviromesh. Go on, give it try next year. Morrisons sell the flower buckets 8 for 99p so you could have sixteen pounds of juicy carrots from a very small space.

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A great crop from such a small space - you are the man!

Gotta love those 99p buckets from Morrisons!  I've done the same this year with carrots and also used them for the final potting of my chillies.  My carrots aren't nearly as plump as yours, I'm going to leave them a while longer. What variety are they, Colin?

Carolyn, these are Amsterdam 3 Sprint, a fast maturing type. I have some Chantenay which were sown at the same time but are nowhere near as big. Atomic Red is another good one for flower buckets.

Ah, thanks Colin - I've always grown Amsterdam in previous years. This year I also grew Little Fingers and Cosmic Purple.  They didn't get off to a good start thanks to a fox's inquisitive snout but all the carrots are roughly the same size, with perhaps the Little Fingers slightly ahead size-wise.  Taste award goes to Little Fingers this year! Am sowing more with hopes of an extended summer/warm autumn.


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