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I bought 3 packs of tulips last autumn from Wickinson, two packs of mauve and one salmon pink.   As some of them came to flower, but they are red instead of the colour in the package.  Another pot of tulips has not yet flowered and I am curious to find out what colour they would be. 


I am disappointed naturally, but it's not too bad for they are in the pot instead of being in the ground, which might have spoiled the colour scheme and one has to dig them all up ! 


Did you ever experience the colour mix-up incident from  absent-minded retailers?


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I always forget which colour they should be and really don't mind.

Should have gone to Poundland....

haha!  Actually it is cheaper to buy sacks of bulbs from Telegraph's garden shop, they have good selection of colours and varieties.  But their delivery is a pain. 

Fred Hogg said:

Should have gone to Poundland....

my other-halfs step mum bought me a gift of some tulip bulbs from Amsterdam; according to the packet they were the parrot (frilled edges) type and a mix of colours. They came up a couple of week ago - they are all pink and just bog standard tulips - no frills! Still pretty though :-)

Poundlands mixed gladioli turned out to be salmon pink - I hate salmon pink!!! :-)

Spoke to a few people who had also bought them n they had the sAme issue!!!

Trying out some named varieties from Lidl this year and will keep you posted!!!

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