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I don't know about everyone else but as soon as New Year is out the way my attention turns once more to my garden. Of course frustration takes hold pretty quickly as its way to early in the year but none the less I have to start pottering. So... I have cleaned out the shed, moved my mini wooden greenhouse ready for cleaning, turned the compost pile, put more bird feeders out and had a rummage through my seed tin to see what was left in there since last year. The days are getting longer, even though still quite grim, but it won't be long until spring :) 

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I've just started thinkig about seed compost and which seeds I've got, I should be putting in to trays soon.

I actually bought three blocks of solid coir last year which are very useful for seed/potting compost, but somebody suggested using the product of the shredder for the same purpose, instea of coir. Coir does cost money; shreddings don't and they are both woody substances.

I shall mix the shreddings with my garden top soil, possibly some sand too. Some of the shreddings are not that fine; perhaps they should be kept until next year before they are used, rotted down.

It is all a question of the density of the compost. poor little seeds can't push out through heavy stuff, and all they are looking for is a bit of light, to start off with, and all they need is a modicum of water to split the seed open, but if they have not got the strength to push up through heavy soil, they, or most of them, are on to a loser!

Seed compost.... light as a feather

Potting compost.... heavier with more nutrients

garden compost..... as rich as you can, from the heap, and horse's besides..... and yours!

Have I got it right Sal?

Sounds good to me Gareth :)

I bought coir last year, only the one block... its not something I will be running out to buy again. Love the suggestion of shredded leaves for the same purpose. I have just sourced a good supply of clean leaves (free from dog wee) although a little late this year as most of the leaves have fallen and been in the burning bin. Next year though I should have masses of them all bagged up for me ready to collect. 

I haven't yet made my own seed compost, bit scared too really as don't want waste seeds but its something I might look at for next year. Good luck with yours, look forward to reading your results.

Been thinking about spuds this past week or so and a few different ways to grow... I'm leaning toward shallow planting mulched with hay and going with second earlies Marfona variety. In the meantime I've got some crocuses to lplant in pots and a flow border to prepare.

Household food waste, potato peelings and so on for your seed compost too.It does attract undesirable rodents though, while it matures. I' have bought £30 worth of seed compost rather than make it myself. It will last a long time. I use those tiny rectangular pots 8cmx8cm, and pot on, into stronger soil.

I'm doing Vitopod in the lounge, in the next few days, then lean-to geenhouse and then out after last frost.I may put broad beans in the next few days too, but i am also planting out loads of flowering shrubs potted 1-2 years ago. I cant do more than a couple of hours a day outside any more, especially at this time of year! Actually time outside is not particularly  good for you at the time of year, with this bleak weather!

Sun comes out... I come out!

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