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Tip of the day: don't discard your celery head

I read about this tip and gave it a try the other day.  With a large shop bought celery , I kept its stalk head with few lime green leaves.  Put it in a glass with fresh water on the windowsill.  After a few days the leaves become darker green and some roots start to form.    I then cut the head into 4 parts, pot it up with seeding compost.  They are now growing away as 4 individual celery plants!  

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Another tip  is

add 2-3 sticks of celery to any stew meat/fish dish and it will improve the flavour a great deal.  You don't have to eat the celery but just use it the same way as ginger/garlic.


Here's another tip for those who do grow celery. Don't lift the entire plant when harvesting but cut it off about an inch above ground. It will re-sprout and you'll get a second crop of smaller but perfectly usable stalks.
Wonderful idea... I really would love to try growing celery, and this is less daunting than seeds/ Thanks for sharing!
what a good idea, and I bet the resulting celery tastes better than it did from the shop

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