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I think its the big success crops that keep us persevering with the more difficult & less productive crops.  My big win last year was the courgettes, they were from a free packet of seeds & just kept on producing.  They are reason I decided to go for broke this year & are my back up if everything else goes wrong.


So which crops do you grow that you put the least effort into & get the most success from??  & is this what keeps you plugging away as well?

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Id have to say my roses and climbers. Especially the really old ones (30 years +)


Once every couple of years I give them a trim. I mulch with compost and give them a little FBB and they keep on going. 

If I didn't have room for anything else I would always grow tomatoes, early potatoes and runner beans as they are all easy and have a far superior taste to anything you can buy in the shops.

Is it cheating if I say apples? - I didn't plant the tree and we're still eating last years now ;>)


Veg wise, probably a squash I grew called Gem Store. We had 25 of them off just 2 plants and they kept for months.

Lettuce and other salad leaves - so easy, much nicer than the salad bags you get in the shops and growing your own saves a small fortune.

So far salad leaves, apple trees, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, roses & squash seem to be the easiest successes.


But  what do we really have to work at? For me it has to be growing mint from seed - its taken two years but I finally have a large enough mint patch for us to use for mint teas.


So what does everyone else have to really work at?

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