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One large tub with a single seed of Colleen. What will it produce?

definitely something in there

1.58kg of lovely spuds. Probably my best yield from a single seed of an early in a tub. I found some good advice from a potato grower on a Youtube video which suggested using a fast acting fertilizer with a slow release one. I mixed growmore with organic potato fertilizer and used a potting compost with a good proportion of soil in it. Seems to work.

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My best potatoes so far this year have been "Juliette" - from 2 x seed-tubers in one 30cm pot I got 52 useable tubers, weighing 1.28kg.

Nice clean spuds, Mark. That's what I like about container just upend the tub and voila !

That is a good crop. I have 4 x 30L tubs with three seed pots in each. My downfall is that I have been away a lot and they have not been watered enough. I emptied one tub at the weekend to find 4 av sized spuds and 6-7 mini spuds, disaster. Frantically watering the other tubs to try and rescue something.

It's amazing how much water you need to give container potatoes. Even with the top few inches soaked you often find it's dry as dust a bit further down.

I agree - watering is crucial. Not only does it affect yield, but also has a big impact on skin texture. Really dry soil promotes Scab (as in my pic here!)

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