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I have a 10'x4' leanto greenhouse and this year I planned to grow four types of tomatoes, Tigerella, Black Russian, Roma vf, Marmande. I also grew some along an west facing wall and on a south facing patio.

The Black Russian were a disaster producing a few miss shaped purple toms. The Roma vf are supposedly a plumb type tom but some grew true others just failed. The ones that did grow only odd ones ripened. The Marmande produced a small amount but not of the size I was expecting. Tigerella again out performed all the others and we are still picking them.

I grew four baskets of Maskotka trailing toms which were a total waste of time, this may have been the compost and  blight but they will not be on my list next year.

Hanging Baskets the worst in six years.

Black Russian

Tigerella on the patio

Tigerella on the West facing wall, these have now ripened.

I also grew Mini Bell peppers, California peppers and Basket of Fire Chilli. The Mini Bell peppers have turned out very well with a good crop of 2' bell peppers that turn red fairly quickly.

Mini Bell Peppers on the Sth facing patio.

The basket of Fire Chilli grew quickly and produced a large crop that gradually turned Red. They looked just like the advert but when tasted they have no heat, no flavour and have been a waste of space. I grew some outside and they also produce a crop of yellow chilli but again with no taste or heat.

Basket of Fire

And finally to the fruit section. We had a good crop of gooseberries but I left them for the birds this year as we still have last years crop frozen. Black Currants produced a good crop but while we were away for a few days the birds had a field day and cleared them out.

Apples have done really well. All my six trees have produced. The Pony, Grandchildren and the extended family are all very happy.

Duo Apple Tree



Compact bush on a dwarf stock

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