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These were a trial this year and I got one relly vigorous plant the others are a bit dwarfed. I think it was the dreaded infected compost.

The vigorous plant has produced a lot of fruit and I did try one when green but I was not impressed. The peppers grow to about 5cm long , and they are mini versions of normal bell peppers. The pictured plant has been outside since it first set 'fruit'.

However once they turn red they are easy to de-seed and can be used in salads and we put them in roasting bags with chicken  and other veg etc.

I was nitr going to grow them again but I have had a change of mind and I harvested some seeds , well about 200, dried them and they are ready for next year. To be honest I don't know if they will grow true or not but it will save 99p on commercial seeds.

I am happy to share the seeds on a first come basis. Send me a message if you want 10 seeds and we can go from there 

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No Bid from me, Duncan - I don't like peppers - but thanks for the offer. My wife likes peppers occasionally so I usually grow at least one plant. I have a variety grown from seeds I acquired when on holiday in Turkey. I have been growing them for several years, and saving the seeds. They produce very small very pale green fruits that eventually ripen to red. I am informed that they taste nice too! If you would like to try this variety, let me know and I'll send you some seeds.

I should add I will share them FOC to the first 6 people. any more and I will need a stamped addressed envelope.

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