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Into hospital tomorrow for major surgery so no gardening for a while. I managed to get final sowings of spring onions, lettuce, radish and pak choi done today so when I'm back to full fitness it should be time to sit back and just enjoy the harvest and look back on all the work I've put in this year.

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Sorry, just seen this, Colin. Hope it's nothing too serious, and you'll soon be back prodding Morher Earth. Wishing you a speedy recovery, my very best wishes.

hope you are better soon Colin and able to return to full health.

Back home now with a bowel that's about 1 metre shorter than when I went in. I'll be out of action for 2-3 months but I have a huge pile of books to get through and at least I can look out of the window and see the results of all this year's labour.

Hope you make a speedy recovery, Colin, and manage to resist the temptation to get out and dig!

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