UK Veg Gardeners

From the responses we have had here on the forum I think its time to prune out some of the dead wood as far as Groups are concerned. I therefore propose to delete the following Groups in the next few days. Any objections do please let me know!

School Gardens
Members: 6
Last Activity: 13/10/2012

Beneficial/bothersome bugs & critturs
Members: 12
Last Activity: 11/12/2012

Hampshire Veg Gardeners
Members: 20
Last Activity: 10/03/13

Bunty's Blog
Members: 1
Last Activity: 30/04/2013

Fruit Corner
Members: 21
Last Activity: 04/05/2013

Refreshing Summer Recipes.
Members: 13
Last Activity: 04/05/2013

Leicester gardeners
Members: 5
Last Activity: 23/05/2013

North West Veg Gardeners
Members: 16
Last Activity: 28/07/2013

Advice & tips
Members: 10
Last Activity: 03/09/2013

NI Veg gardeners
Members: 3
Last Activity: 25/09/2013

eat what you grow
Members: 107
Last Activity: 17/10/2013

Garden Hens
Members: 45
Last Activity: 22 October 2013

the beginning
Members: 4
Last Activity: 30 October 2013

I would also like to delete Freebies & Bargains and start a fresh with Discounts For UK Veg Gardeners - where hopefully we can build a list of discount codes and deals that companies will give to UK Veg Gardeners


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After reading peoples comments I think you are making a good decision.

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