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Garlic Bulbils; How much splitting can I do?

I must be very challenged for intelligence since I've been growing Alium with a little success for 5-6 years, but never worked through from bulbil to fully grown bulb of the Garlic.

What I resent doing, and gardening is very much a matter of trial and error for me, is having to pay £1.80 for 3 garlic bulbs, splitting them up in to, say, a total of 30 segments, plating them and only getting a dozen or so, not very large bulbs back. It's a loser.

Now that I am chitting individual well chitted potatoes in to each individual chit, it seems wise that I should also split up the individual segments of the garlic bulb in to much smaller pieces, so instead of getting a mere 30 segments I would have 180 bits of garlic to plant in a container.

A seed merchant who likes to sell 6 species of Garlic (which are much of a muchness) for about £8 would scoff at the idea, and say

"Oh! It is much easier to plant the segments of what we will send you, for a tenner!"*

For me gardening has to be worthwhile, it has to pay, and fruit certainly does that, for me. As yet, with some exceptions, I can not say that for a varied vegetable crop, and certainly not for Garlic or Onion.

Here is another question from an intelligence challenged gardener. How long does a garlic bulbil take to grow from bulbil to a full sized supermarket good size Garlic? The same question goes for Cepa onion.  I've got well water for the purpose.

* What I could do is pay the £10 for the garlic 6 selection, and then split them up in to minute parts of the segments. Then I would have an interesting 48x6= 300-400 bulbil size pieces, which would resemble bulbils in their germ capacity at least, and be  interesting variations in species.

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