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I have built my lean to greenhouse and I am aware of the advantage of using it to extend the growing season in the spring time, and for tomato growers in the Autumn too, but can I grow tomatoes all through the winter in a greenhouse.?  Are there special seed varieties that I should get? What are they?

I do have a supply of heat for the lean-to very close at hand, but how much to keep the plant foliage warm on a cold day is something to think about! How is heat conserved in the Dutch tomato greenhouses, that an amateur can imitate locally?!!! 

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You have to look at the economics of growing in winter even if you can overcome the obvious problems of providing enough light and heat. Personally I wouldn't even attempt it but the greenhouse is very useful for extending the length of the season.

In a garden like this, with all manner of wildlife, i need for example, to start things off and know what they are doing and where. I am going to have a go now at platning carrot seeds in the lean to, in deep soil and transplant them out later. Then I can cover them and care for them, which, for me, is difficult, with a row of invisible seeds!

Methods of covering with fleece are tricky too, with the wind blowing them off, with great regularity. The fleece doesnt last either and it is not very cheap.All the farms round here, and in Andalucia too, have covering all over their fields, so greater technology is advantageous!

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