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PaulMonkhouse posted a blog post


Are you looking to build a shed base?Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have a level and…See More
22 hours ago
Sue Gollop replied to Sussexmouse's discussion Runner Bean question
"They dry really well and last for ages ready to accompany a nice stew or a minestrone soup in…"
Stephanie Cousins replied to Stephanie Cousins's discussion Shape Colour and wildlife
"The link that Sussexmouse gave me , suggests it is the chemical makeup of the individual plants,…"
Mark Willis replied to Stephanie Cousins's discussion Shape Colour and wildlife
"I know of many plants that slugs and snails really like (e.g. Chinese Leaves), and one or two that…"
Jade Hwang replied to Sussexmouse's discussion Runner Bean question
"I made the same mistake picking them young.  when I tried to give them to my Italian neighbour…"
April Jones replied to Sussexmouse's discussion Runner Bean question
"I think you can pick them very young and use them like runner beans. But the main reason for…"
Sussexmouse replied to Sussexmouse's discussion Runner Bean question
"You are right April. I have just googled Borlotti Beans to find out a bit more about them. When I…"
Colin Robinson commented on elaine rickett's blog post Home and Away ...
"It's good to see that you have plenty of stuff coming along to keep a supply of fresh food…"

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Runner Bean question

Started by Sussexmouse. Last reply by Sue Gollop yesterday. 5 Replies

My daughter is FURIOUS because I have picked these coloured Runner Beans.…Continue

Shape Colour and wildlife

Started by Stephanie Cousins. Last reply by Stephanie Cousins yesterday. 7 Replies

I grew Lollo Rosso and little gem lettuce, the slugs left the red Lollo alone. I grew ball and pointed cabbage , they were not keen on the pointed type, yet munched away heartily on the round ones. And the birds did not touch my golden raspberries…Continue

empty plots

Started by christine yates. Last reply by Sussexmouse on Wednesday. 2 Replies

   Hi all don't know if 1 am  in right place or that I amallowed to do this or not,If not I appologise now.  We have about 6 empty plots on our site Hucker Rd Pleck Walsall WestIf any one interested get in touch or come on down Continue

To pick or not to pick ?

Started by Sussexmouse. Last reply by Sussexmouse on Wednesday. 4 Replies

I planted about 20 tomato plants but only this one has produced Tomatoes. I feel tempted to pick them now but maybe not ?  What would you do ?  Is it worth leaving them on the plant any longer ?…Continue

Cheap seeds

Started by Mark Willis. Last reply by tony southall on Tuesday. 4 Replies

I went today to buy some "generic British" veg seeds to send to a friend in the USA,  things like cabbages, beetroot, parsnips, herbs etc. I found some excellent-value seed packs at Wilkinsons. They were priced at 60p and 80p, but when I went to the…Continue

Grapes and how do you grow them?

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Gareth Howell on Tuesday. 3 Replies

I was delighted to discover that the grapes I bought frpom a specialist supplier was exactly what they said it was, a grape to produce red wine.However, the growing of them is not easy. Is it a good principle to "thin" the grapes on the cluster to…Continue


Started by stephen heath. Last reply by stephen heath on Tuesday. 12 Replies

now i am not completly new to growing veg been doing it for some time but this year i have grown parsnips and usually they are just showing the crowns however this year they have gone well down out of sight but when pulled are average size for these…Continue

Mice damage on tomatoes

Started by April Jones. Last reply by tony southall on Sunday. 4 Replies

I am experiencing some mice damage on the remans of my ripening outdoor tomatoes- Ferline and Marmande. I have tried bait but it has not been touched- and why should it when there are tasty tomatoes to be had instead! It is definitely mouse and not…Continue

Cellophane, sunshine and hedgehogs

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Colin Robinson Sep 9. 4 Replies

Can you put the really fine cellophane, shredded, on a compost heap or does it end up half way through a carrot when fully grown, as a full piece of foreign matter?This weather has been so dry that I got down to pruning a Box (sempervivens)…Continue

Celeriac or celery

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Damo Sep 7. 7 Replies

 I tell myself that I should look it up before asking anybody here to gossip with me, but I can find only pictures of mature Celeriac to guide me and no instructive advice at all.I like the taste of celeriac even more than I do of celery.Is the…Continue

Blog Posts


Posted by PaulMonkhouse on September 19, 2014 at 12:00 0 Comments

billyoh 20 range 8x6 windows stable door openl How to Build a Shed Base

Are you looking to build a shed base?

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have a level and sturdy base for your new shed in no time…

1) Think where to put your shed!

  • Make sure there’s access (for delivery and access to all sides…

September Ramblings from Lincolnshire

Posted by Duncan Seth-Smith on September 17, 2014 at 20:11 0 Comments

I sit here in our small porch/conservatory looking out at a garden on the turn towards autumn, the sky is overcast and at 7.20pm the night is drawing in.

I have just shut the ducks away  but the chickens are still out so another trip when it is darker to shut them up for the night.

There is still quite a lot going on in the veg patch, the strawberries are still sending out runners but the whole bed is being moved this year. I need to replace some old plants with this years… Continue

Home and Away ...

Posted by elaine rickett on September 17, 2014 at 14:49 1 Comment

read more ...When we are away from home taking a break at the coast – I think about the garden – will my neighbour keep everything well watered – will I have huge marrow like courgettes to come back to – will all my new seedlings have withered in my absence.

I needn’t have worried.  I harvested as much as I could before we went away – told my neighbour to…


The last harvest?

Posted by Lee James on September 15, 2014 at 22:42 0 Comments

September has provided some us some serious gluts as well a couple of useful lessons, all set to a soundtrack of ominous, if not outright grim, undertones. More on that last bit later, but first here's some of what we've hauled in and…


Posted by tony southall on September 13, 2014 at 19:40 3 Comments

Quite a busy day, now my onion tunnel is empty its time to prepare for next year.First thing was to flush out the salt build up from fertilisers.Do this every year to prevent a large build up  onions do not thrive if the salinity gets too high. Not a problem out doors the weather does the job for you. This is also why I do not grow tomatoes direct into my greenhouse borders. Next  the beds will have a good soak with Domestos @100 to 1 dilution this prevents white rot and a few other onion…


Making the most of the weather

Posted by Duncan Seth-Smith on September 10, 2014 at 17:52 1 Comment

Is it late Summer or early Autumn? The tomatoes and some flower beds are saying early autumn but the weather is still saying late summer so it seemed like a good day to start clearing the garden of flowers and veg that had gone by it's use by date.

Sue started on the patio beds and I decided to clear the tomatoes and hang any unripened fruit to ripen in the sun. A job well done but on passing the greenhouse the urge to clear the tomatoes was too great and another job undertaken. I… Continue

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