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Tony is now a member of UK Veg Gardeners
16 hours ago
Trevor Alun Davies replied to Gareth Howell's discussion What's coming up?!
"What's going on? I too, am on my third sowing of basil. I opened a new packet, just to be…"
16 hours ago
Kiwi Medic replied to Gareth Howell's discussion What's coming up?!
"Funny, my basil have not germinated at all, but the cilantro seed I did the same day are going…"
20 hours ago
steve heath replied to steve heath's discussion spuds in the ground
"thats a good start i have all mine in the veg garden so i have to be on guard a bit now i did put…"
21 hours ago
Bobby replied to Gareth Howell's discussion What's coming up?!
"Just ate the first radishes from the garden this year.  Mmmmm, lovely. PLanted out some…"
23 hours ago
Bobby replied to steve heath's discussion spuds in the ground
"My spuds I started off in the conservatory in containers are well away, fully grown foliage. …"
23 hours ago
steve heath replied to steve heath's discussion spuds in the ground
"spuds are showing themselves now1st early/2nd early and even some main crop showing good job they…"
Rozzie commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"They all look nice and healthy Mark! I will get some photos of mine on soon. They're bursting…"

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What's coming up?!

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Trevor Alun Davies 16 hours ago. 11 Replies

Radishes sown ten days ago are showing signs of life and various poppy seeds are looking like vigorous seedlings.  No broad beans yet.  Rabbits may find life more difficult this year and I've put up netting to prevent them coming in, but like the…Continue

spuds in the ground

Started by steve heath. Last reply by steve heath 21 hours ago. 20 Replies

today sun shining again soil dry workable so i just couldn,t wait i got just 12 of my first earlies home guard  and put them in made a big ridge so it will be a few weeks before they show and then i cover them at night to guard against frost no harm…Continue

To sand or not to sand

Started by kevin barnard. Last reply by Andrew Goodall on Tuesday. 9 Replies

Hello.I have been reading conflicting opinions on the internet on whether to add sand to my clay soil in order to improve it for general veg growing to eat.Wondered what peoples experience of doing it here were ? I have slowly been adding spent…Continue

Cape Gooseberry, Asparagus Peas - growing tips please.

Started by Duncan Seth-Smith on Monday. 0 Replies

This year I am growing Cape gooseberries. I have them in cells and plan to wait until they have a couple of proper leaves before transplanting them.But where ? Direct in the ground or in Tubs. What do you recommend?The asparagus peas have not…Continue

Pre Germinating Peas

Started by Trevor Alun Davies. Last reply by Trevor Alun Davies Apr 18. 3 Replies

After sowing a batch of peas conventionally in loo rolls, had a few "no shows", so, in order to help them catch up, I tried pre germinating some peas in damp kitchen towel.Have never tried this before, but I was impressed with the results, so will…Continue

using enviro mesh

Started by steve heath. Last reply by steve heath Apr 17. 5 Replies

this is my first year at using enviro mesh i have sown carrots ,and covered with mesh after major problems last year with the fly throwing two good full barrow loads on the tip . i have dug the edges of mesh all around in a trench and covered in…Continue

Autumn Raspberries

Started by Trevor Alun Davies. Last reply by Trevor Alun Davies Apr 16. 4 Replies

I bought some autumn raspberry canes last January, from a garden centre, and duly planted them with plenty of compost dug in. I am now becoming a bit concerned as they are showing little, if any, signs of growth. Is it still early for them?Continue

Copper/bronze tools

Started by Terry Wells. Last reply by Gareth Howell Apr 16. 6 Replies

I have been reading various reports and opinions on the effectiveness of the use of copper tools in reducing slug and snail damage. Any of you had any practical experience of using them?Continue

anyone overwintered peas?

Started by Colin Robinson. Last reply by Colin Robinson Apr 11. 9 Replies

I read somewhere that you could overwinter peas to get an extra early crop so last back end I duly sowed a dozen or so in a big tub in the greenhouse and left them to get on with it. They soon popped up and have continued growing through the winter.…Continue

greenhouse taties

Started by Colin Robinson Apr 9. 0 Replies

The recent warm weather has seen the greenhouse taties storm away. I have 18 plants in assorted containers ready to give me an extra early crop. Because they are indoors the haulms get rather leggy and weak and are easily damaged but the spuds…Continue

Blog Posts

An Update from Lincolnshire

Posted by Duncan Seth-Smith on April 17, 2015 at 20:30 2 Comments

This year I have a couple of new systems to record my success and failures. This will now become my main blog because my original blog site is closing.

This year I started my Toms Perle, Tigerella and Marmande, Peppers and Chilli in the house but they are now in the unheated greenhouse and have been potted up into their final pots, well Buckets, 99p from Wickes or £1 from B&Q.and three hanging baskets for the Perle Toms.

My cabbage,broccoli,cauliflower and curly kale were…


Boulders,Bricks and Beetroot.

Posted by Gareth Howell on April 11, 2015 at 18:57 0 Comments

 I rather envy people who can talk about  raised beds. The one thing I have been doing over the last 4 years is to lower the level of garden soil to be able to do anything level at all. I planted spuds about 2 weeks ago and dag them up today. Quite pleasing the way the smaller ones had chitted already.

I dag 'em out because I realized when the sun came out that I have got to dig out 20cu m of very mixed sandstone boulders, sandstone and other things beside.  Getting the…


What does a good session on the allotment plot do for you physically and mentally

Posted by david ford on April 2, 2015 at 10:30 7 Comments

Well I have been suffering from really painful sciatica since December of last year due to a lower spine problem probably age related at 73. Point to note I do not suffer from back pain sciatica affects the buttocks and legs..

Well yesterday I had my first really good relaxing long session on the allotment plot digging two long trenches planting two rows of seed potatoes and earthing up,with general tidying time spent about two and a half hours. Result the first time I have been pain…


What are you harvesting at the moment?

Posted by Sue Gollop on March 30, 2015 at 22:43 5 Comments

I am always fascinated to see how differently we all garden.  My neighbour on the allotment likes to clear away everything at this time of year, apart from fruit bushes, and dig the whole allotment over and start off with a blank canvas.  I am still picking curly kale, chard, spinach, leeks, black kale, sprouts, cabbage and caulis. I never seem to have an empty plot. 

Transplanting the Planties

Posted by Simone Jacqueline on March 30, 2015 at 17:28 1 Comment

One foot in front of the other…that’s how gardening seems to work. As this is my first real go at planting vegetables and flowers, I haven’t until now realized the importance of gradual growing procedures. Just a couple weeks ago Nick and I got ambitious, probably had one…


Some progress of our own

Posted by Lee James on March 24, 2015 at 21:52 0 Comments

Interested onlookers
It's a pleasure to report some significant progress on the allotment that happened while we…

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