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Colin Robinson replied to Gareth Howell's discussion What's coming up?!
"I hope you've turned the rabbit netting under by at least 6 inches on the outside otherwise…"
9 hours ago
Gareth Howell posted a discussion

What's coming up?!

Radishes sown ten days ago are showing signs of life and various poppy seeds are looking like…See More
23 hours ago
Gareth Howell replied to steve heath's discussion spuds in the ground
"Using every spare centimetre  of level ground, I may have to dig any potatos I have as new…"
23 hours ago
Rozzie commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"Ah interesting! I will have to disregard that particular thing I read then. (It was about indoor…"
Mark Willis commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"No, that is not true, Rozzie. Blight is an air-borne fungus. It was only last year that I had the…"
Rozzie commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"I read something recently attributing blight to poor soil, which could explain why you have such…"
Mark Willis commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"Yes, I also subscribe to the "Less is More" theory. Years ago I used to cram far too much…"
Rozzie commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"Not as many as I'd like!! (Had a lot of greenfly issues last year) Hoping that less plants…"

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What's coming up?!

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Colin Robinson 9 hours ago. 1 Reply

Radishes sown ten days ago are showing signs of life and various poppy seeds are looking like vigorous seedlings.  No broad beans yet.  Rabbits may find life more difficult this year and I've put up netting to prevent them coming in, but like the…Continue

spuds in the ground

Started by steve heath. Last reply by Gareth Howell 23 hours ago. 11 Replies

today sun shining again soil dry workable so i just couldn,t wait i got just 12 of my first earlies home guard  and put them in made a big ridge so it will be a few weeks before they show and then i cover them at night to guard against frost no harm…Continue

Tomato-lovers' Group

Started by Mark Willis on Thursday. 0 Replies

Rozzie Mistry has set up a new special interest Group for those of us who love tomatoes. Do please join if you are interested in this subject. Now is the time to get on and sow your tomato seeds.  I have...!…Continue

Shallots From Seed

Started by Trevor Alun Davies. Last reply by Trevor Alun Davies on Tuesday. 3 Replies

Has anyone grown shallots from seed? and if so, how did they compare with sets?Continue

New members

Started by Mark Willis. Last reply by Gareth Howell on Tuesday. 26 Replies

Our UKVG forum currently has about 1500 members. If each member could recruit just ONE more member we could have 3000 members. Simple arithmetic!A group like ours needs the constant addition of "new blood" to keep it active. Could you recruit a new…Continue

Mulching Blueberries with pine-needles

Started by Mark Willis. Last reply by Gareth Howell on Monday. 4 Replies

I have read somewhere that it is good to mulch potted Blueberries with pine-needles, in order to maintain the required level of acidity in their compost. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with this? I would like to know if it really…Continue

Germination...What is Happening?

Started by Simone Jacqueline. Last reply by Gareth Howell on Monday. 12 Replies

Hello,Simone Jacqueline here, just joined UK VEG and am a very happy new member! Question of the day/week: What is the best process for germination? I have a heated propagator but because my home wasn't receiving that much sunlight I decided to give…Continue

Feeding Blueberries

Started by Trevor Alun Davies. Last reply by Mark Willis Mar 22. 1 Reply

I grow my blueberries in pots, in ericaceous compost. Any suggestions on what, if anything, I should feed them with, please?Continue

anyone overwintered peas?

Started by Colin Robinson. Last reply by Trevor Alun Davies Mar 17. 5 Replies

I read somewhere that you could overwinter peas to get an extra early crop so last back end I duly sowed a dozen or so in a big tub in the greenhouse and left them to get on with it. They soon popped up and have continued growing through the winter.…Continue


Started by Trevor Alun Davies. Last reply by Trevor Alun Davies Mar 17. 6 Replies

What is your preferred fertilizer? BFB, Growmore etc., and why? Or do you have various fertilizers for different plants and situations?Continue

Blog Posts

Some progress of our own

Posted by Lee James on March 24, 2015 at 21:52 0 Comments

Interested onlookers
It's a pleasure to report some significant progress on the allotment that happened while we…

The Creativity of Potatoes

Posted by Simone Jacqueline on March 17, 2015 at 16:38 2 Comments

My Potatoes have inspired me this past week. 

As I set them out to “chit”, or to sprout their little arms and legs in the cool, dry, semi-spring-like air, I felt a surge of creative energy in my veins. If I can use an old milk-carton, scraps of twine and plastic netting, and a…


Many hands, in the light, work.

Posted by Lee James on February 25, 2015 at 23:08 1 Comment

In a weekend of limited allotment-time, we managed a couple of quick trips up to the plot. Hearing that there was a skip on site, Kasia and I dashed up there on Friday after work to rid our patch of some of the larger bits of detritus…

compost....can you have too much?

Posted by Colin Robinson on February 15, 2015 at 22:50 7 Comments

Tipped out one of the compost daleks today to get some wonderful crumbly good as anything you can buy. The texture is amazing but the material at the bottom of the bin has been 'cooking' for about 18 months so it should be. This stuff forms the basis of my potting mixes and I made…


Annual Spring Clean

Posted by Trevor Alun Davies on February 15, 2015 at 20:10 2 Comments

 It's that time when I don my oldest (Next stop the bin ) clothes, and descend on the greenhouse with buckets of Jeyes Fluid. A couple of hours sloshing and scrubbing sees me gasping for fresh air and smelling like a newly cleaned public convenience!

Never mind, everything is clean and scrubbed, so it's off to the shower, having dumped most outer garments either in the aforesaid bin, or the washing machine.

So today it was the turn of the sulphur candle. Set the tin on a brick…


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