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Mark Willis commented on Richard Walton's group Chilli-lovers Group
"I went to Stephen Shirley's "Challock Chilli Fest" last weekend. A great day out!…"
Lisa M replied to Lisa M's discussion Greenhouse basics
"Thanks for the tip Daniel - I may well give this a go!"
Jade Hwang replied to Jade Hwang's discussion How to use chillies that look too pretty to eat?
"perhaps we should pickle them in oil or vinegar"
Gareth Howell replied to Gareth Howell's discussion A Cork screw!
"Too much!  So far I am getting a better mix than I was before which was just hopeless, a soggy…"
Trevor Alun Davies replied to Gareth Howell's discussion A Cork screw!
"My method is the same, Colin. I never turn my compost heap, like you, I use varied ingredients…"
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"Mark the tomato in the middle truly is the definition of a "wolfpeach". Fantastic!"
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Herbwise Organic Solutions replied to Lisa M's discussion Greenhouse basics
"Hi Lisa, may sound an unusual suggestion but simmering cloves in water then after cooling and…"

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Greenhouse basics

Started by Lisa M. Last reply by Lisa M yesterday. 7 Replies

Quick question... I bought a very small (unheated) greenhouse this year and it's been absolutely fantastic.  At the moment though I've got some kind of fuzzy grey mould galloping through it at quite a pace - infecting just about everything (though…Continue

How to use chillies that look too pretty to eat?

Started by Jade Hwang. Last reply by Jade Hwang on Wednesday. 3 Replies

The chillies in question are Ember explosive.  I have 3 pots grown from the seeds ( kindly given by you know whom) but hesitate to pick them.   It seems silly but same with the fact that  most people will happily eat a chicken but not a song bird,…Continue

A Cork screw!

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Gareth Howell on Wednesday. 3 Replies

I have agonized for ages about different methods of turning the compost heap to keep it brewing nicely.  I just can not afford big rotating barrels but I started putting it all in 25 gallon barrels without the turning mechanism.  It got damp and did…Continue

Second-cropping beans

Started by Colin Robinson Oct 2. 0 Replies

I had a fantastic crop of bread beans this year and when the plants were finished I cut them down to a few inches above ground to encourage new growth shoots which can be eaten as a steamed veg. Not content with that they started producing flowers…Continue

Potato Onions

Started by Lisa M. Last reply by Lisa M Oct 1. 1 Reply

I've just acquired a few potato onions (I probably shouldn't be as excited about this as I am), but I'm not sure if they should be planted in the Autumn or Spring.Google suggests either is possible, but I thought I'd do well to check if anyone else…Continue

My disaster with Squash.

Started by Duncan Seth-Smith. Last reply by Duncan Seth-Smith Sep 30. 7 Replies

I planted some squash and courgettes this year. I started them off in pots in the greenhouse and transplanted out in mid May.My courgettes have been fine and cropped throughout the summer. However the butternut squash which was sown at the same time…Continue

Tags: courgettes., Squash

Apple Storage? Tomato Storage as well?

Started by Gareth Howell Sep 21. 0 Replies

This year, from the two trees I've got 30 gallons of juice, and I invested £150 on apple storage shelves. It is a lot of money but I stored Bramleys successfully on bubble wrap a couple of years ago, lasting me until early April.  I need a little…Continue

Do mice eat tomatoes?

Started by Mark Willis. Last reply by Jade Hwang Sep 17. 5 Replies

My tomatoes are (finally) ripening now, despite a severe dearth of sunshine. Mindful of the fact that slugs and snails enjoy wet conditions, I put down a few slug pellets in the containers in which my tomato plants are growing.I haven't seen any…Continue

Celery or Celeriac Arrgghh!?

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Gareth Howell Sep 14. 2 Replies

Celery or Celeriac?  I thought I had bought Celeriac in a packet of seeds in about January, and they grew nicely. I've just realized something. They are not celeriac at all They are celery.... so I'm eating the leaves as salad Veg. Tasty enough but…Continue

Celery or Celeriac Arrgghh!?

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Gareth Howell Sep 11. 1 Reply

Celery or Celeriac?  I thought I had bought Celeriac in a packet of seeds in about January, and they grew nicely. I've just realized something. They are not celeriac at all They are celery.... so I'm eating the leaves as salad Veg. Tasty enough but…Continue

Blog Posts

Ripe Grapes

Posted by Gareth Howell on September 27, 2015 at 10:38 0 Comments

I have had two big problems with the grapes, compared with Apples, pears and other fruit.

The first has been ripening them, which I may now have solved unless we have a dreadful September in coming years and even then...  A little bit of reading goes a long way, and I took some literary advice to cut back the foliage to uncover the grape, which i did about a month ago.   At the expense of some ripe fruit, more due to lack of water than lack of sunshine, I now have a splendid crop of…


Looking forward to next year!

Posted by Duncan Seth-Smith on September 3, 2015 at 13:39 3 Comments

This year I have had some good results, tomato,broad Beans,Field Beans,beetroot,lettuce,leeks,cabbage,carrots yellow courgettes,chard. I have also had some failures, peas, cauliflowers, broccoli,French climbing beans,parsnips, squash,chilli, sweet peppers. Most of the failures were from a UK website but the packets were foreign, and my guess is that they were old stock. Most of the successes were from seeds from eBay.

Next year I will be getting all my seeds from eBay from a company… Continue

Tomato ID if possible please.

Posted by Robert on August 29, 2015 at 20:26 1 Comment

Three tomato plants were given to me earlier in the year from someone who had been given them by someone else & passed on the surplus (…


Apple crop is ready but where is autumn?!

Posted by Gareth Howell on August 14, 2015 at 14:33 2 Comments

Thee sequence of events, pollination excellent, water very inadequate has produced an apple crop which is ready to pick now instead of last week in August, which is prolific but short on size. Small apples.  Waiting for them to plump up, with the new rains in the last couple of days may be the answer.

After some discussion here about Celeriac planting last spring time, I took the plung and I now have about 30 healthy looking celeriac plants in tidy, well weeded rows.  I tested…


June is here but where is Summer?

Posted by Duncan Seth-Smith on June 18, 2015 at 17:21 1 Comment

June 8th

A typical mixed summer. One day too hot and the next cold and wet. The veg garden is beginning to show signs of summer. Beetroot, is growing despite the ducks cropping the leaves, parsnips..what parsnips. Carrots just showing. Broad beans and field beans growing well,plenty of flowers.

French beans were looking good but have now turned yellow and could all die.the brassicas, cauliflower,broccoli, and particularly the curly kale are doing well. Swiss chard has been cut once… Continue

Almost south facing back garden

Posted by Pat Corbyn on June 16, 2015 at 14:00 4 Comments

I am not moaning I know I am very lucky to have a south facing garden but..... all my cut and come again lettuce have bolted, as has the rocket, little gem and coriander. I wonder will lettuce grow in the shade as there is a strip alongside the shed. Will give it a go and plant up some more later.

In other news my cucumbers have put on a bit of height, I am harvesting courgettes, sugar snaps and my runner beans have flowers on. The Scarlet Emporor are in front of St George but…


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