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Gareth Howell commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"I'm surprised anything has got scorched in a GH in the last few weeks, but I did research the…"
26 minutes ago
Gareth Howell commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"That's without a GH?"
33 minutes ago
Mark Willis commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"When growing tomatoes (and chillis), I always pot them on into "intermediate"-sized…"
2 hours ago
Gareth Howell replied to Gareth Howell's discussion Capsicum "bell" peppers.
"Liquid feed! I hadnt thought of that. Thank you gentlemen."
3 hours ago
Colin Robinson replied to Gareth Howell's discussion Capsicum "bell" peppers.
"As Trevor says. They can be treated more or less the same as tomatoes although they do prefer a…"
13 hours ago
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Trevor Alun Davies replied to Gareth Howell's discussion Capsicum "bell" peppers.
"Yes. If your greenhouse is unheated, make the transfer gradual."
Gareth Howell posted a discussion

Capsicum "bell" peppers.

Are you any good with Capsicum bell peppers? I have got 20 seedlings in a heated mini-gh and I want…See More

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Capsicum "bell" peppers.

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Gareth Howell 3 hours ago. 3 Replies

Are you any good with Capsicum bell peppers? I have got 20 seedlings in a heated mini-gh and I want to transfer them effectively in to an outside greenhouse. Do I pot  up as for tomatoes?Continue

Cold spell

Started by Colin Robinson. Last reply by Colin Robinson on Thursday. 6 Replies

This current cold spell is causing a few problems for us northern gardeners. One of my plum trees is festooned in blossom but there are no insects around for pollination. The young potato plants have had to be fleeced over tonight and my tomato…Continue

Help with onions

Started by Lisa M. Last reply by Gareth Howell on Tuesday. 6 Replies

Hi allI'm having difficulty with my potato onions (multiplier onions - a bit like shallots), and would appreciate some advice...This chap was nice and green last week but he (along with one of his neighbours) has suddenly turned yellow.…Continue

Asparagus..... show.

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Gareth Howell on Monday. 2 Replies

I went to great expense with asparagus crowns and plugs, so I expected something and got nothing.However I marked them carefully, and I now have three, out of 15 plants showing potentially succulent shoots, of 3-4cm high.  I apltanted some in the…Continue

Seed Tapes

Started by Sussexmouse. Last reply by Mark Willis on Monday. 1 Reply

I am trying to encourage my young Niece to try growing Vegetables. I am thinking about sending her some Seed Tapes in the post as I won't be seeing her for a while. Has anyone tried Seed Tapes ?Continue

National Beanpole Week

Started by Mark Willis. Last reply by Mark Willis on Monday. 4 Replies


Olive trees, Rape seed and self sufficiency?

Started by Gareth Howell Apr 25. 0 Replies

I bought an olive tree, along with fig and eucalpytus, to provide a little more diversity in a Dorset garden,discovered to my pleasure that the olive tree may even bear good fruit in these islands, but now also learn that the olive trees of southern…Continue

Parsnips. When does a Late Developer become a No Show?

Started by Mark Willis. Last reply by Gareth Howell Apr 23. 15 Replies

On March 18th I sowed some Parsnips, of 2 varieties (Duchess and Tender & True). After a long wait, the Tender & True ones appeared earlier this week, but there is still no sign of Duchess. Looking back at the seed packet (from Simply Seeds)…Continue

Greenhouse Heaters?

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Gareth Howell Apr 21. 5 Replies

Two W+E market GH heaters which in theory heat the whole greenhouse on a cold night, but how many frosts do we have, of a winter, that would require a specialized fan heater for such a purpose?Surely soil warming and, in the event of hard frost,…Continue

Raspberry Plants

Started by Natalia Lopes. Last reply by Trevor Alun Davies Apr 19. 9 Replies

Hello folks, I need some guidance on what to do. I ordered 3 raspberry polka canes online from T&M and when I received them they looked a bit lifeless but assumed all will be well once they go in the ground. Unfortunately they still look…Continue

Blog Posts

Planting peas

Posted by Mark Willis on April 11, 2016 at 18:11 0 Comments

This year, I am growing peas again, having in the past ceased growing them because they suffered a lot from mildew. I'm hoping for better luck this time. Most of the peas I sowed outdoors in February never germinated (Did they rot? Did the mice eat them?), but I also sowed some in pots under cover, and I have now…


April Fool - shop till you drop!

Posted by Jade Hwang on April 2, 2016 at 13:20 0 Comments

After weekly grocery shopping, we went to the local nursery to buy some ericaceous compost and 'have a look around'. 

The nursery is full of all sort of plants, stuff and shoppers.  We spotted some bargains straight away, the 4planter grow bags are a third cheaper than the allotment shop, the sweet peas are lush and tomato seedlings are strong and tall at 60p each.  the trolley was loaded up with bags and pots of plants.  Then I remembered it's first day of April and I' d  have to…


Has Spring really arrived?

Posted by Jade Hwang on March 23, 2016 at 13:30 3 Comments

Well, officially it has, yet one is struggling to feel its presence.  The sky is grey and the air is cold.  Rain is forecast to dampen the Easter holiday! I know winter has definitely run its course and I have started sowing trays of seedlings, yet I can't drive away the winter blue. 

This year's sowing is particularly challenging.   One of my greenhouses collapsed after the succession of wintry storms and I also lost the best 4-legged propagator who could started any seedlings within…


Building a new raised bed and filling it with compost

Posted by Mark Willis on March 16, 2016 at 19:12 6 Comments

I am a big fan of raised beds, and have been progressively replacing my old ones with much deeper (40cm) ones. Filling beds of this size needs a lot of material. I recently bought a 1000kg bulk bag of "Norfolk Loam", which will be useful, but I am also using as much home-made compost as I can muster.



Tomatoes and the Myths that surround them

Posted by Michael on March 4, 2016 at 10:57 3 Comments

I know it a bit early in the season, to be talking about…


How Much Sun do you need for a Vegetable Garden?

Posted by Michael on March 2, 2016 at 20:00 2 Comments

I was up on the allotment over the weekend and I was watching somebody new on the allotments digging over his plot, I decided I would walk over and say “Hello and welcome” after we had talked for a bit, we got on to the subject of the position of his plot which is on the north side of some trees. He told me that he was worry that he wouldn't be able to grow any d…


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