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Irinochka replied to Irinochka's discussion what is gardening?
"it's great that you try to keep the memory of your ancestors."
12 hours ago
Trevor Alun Davies replied to Irinochka's discussion what is gardening?
"I have some tools that came to me by the same route, Colin. I have a fork that was my grandfathers…"
15 hours ago
Colin Robinson replied to Irinochka's discussion what is gardening?
"I like your idea of continuity, Trevor. I have some tools that belonged originally to my…"
Trevor Alun Davies replied to Irinochka's discussion what is gardening?
"My garden is where I experience the passing of the seasons. This time of year it is damp earth, and…"
mike wright added a discussion to the group Tomato Lovers Group

Time to sow yet?

I'm geeting itchy fingers here, has anyone made a start yet?I have heated propogator so geeting…See More
Mark Willis replied to Irinochka's discussion what is gardening?
"To me a garden is a place where you can work with Mother Nature and kid yourself that you are in…"
Lisa G replied to Dan Hall's discussion Herbs
"Hi Dan  I too  have  a love of herbs, both culinary (including ones like lovage and…"
Irinochka replied to Irinochka's discussion what is gardening?
"Colin, thank you for your answer! Your attitude to your garden is wonderful. What else can you say…"

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what is gardening?

Started by Irinochka. Last reply by Irinochka 12 hours ago. 7 Replies

Dear Gardeners! Once I have realized that the dictionaries give very boring definition of «garden». It’s  just a piece of land with trees and flowers. It’s unfair! The garden is something special, isn’t it? What’s your idea? What’s garden for you?Continue


Started by Dan Hall. Last reply by Lisa G on Sunday. 3 Replies

Greetings UK Veg Gardeners,I thought as a newcomer I might try to start a page on herbs, and specifically growing them organically, either from seed or from small plants.I live near Chichester, and was wondering if there were any like minded people…Continue

Less haste, please!

Started by Mark Willis. Last reply by Jade Hwang Feb 13. 4 Replies

At this time of year the Social Media is awash with people posting proudly about having sown this that or the other type of seeds, and it is easy to feel pressurised to follow suit. The experienced gardener will wait a while yet, I think, because he…Continue

Raisin d'etre

Started by Trevor Alun Davies. Last reply by Mark Willis Feb 11. 5 Replies

In the greenhouse today, lots of fuchsias putting out fresh, green leaves. Outside lots of things pushing up through the dark earth.It all just reminds me why I'm a gardener.Continue

Garlic Experiment

Started by Trevor Alun Davies Feb 11. 0 Replies

Having lost my entire garlic crop last year due to the wet autumn of 2015, I planted my garlic outside as usual last October, and they seem ok. But am also trying planting them in modules in my unseated greenhouse. The idea being they will escape…Continue

shortage of veg??

Started by Colin Robinson. Last reply by Mark Willis Feb 11. 1 Reply

The media seems full of the idea that supermarkets are running short of certain veg. due to weather conditions in parts of Europe. There is a simple answer to something else!The time to worry is when there is no food to put on the table. Continue

stored onions

Started by Colin Robinson. Last reply by Mark Willis Feb 4. 3 Replies

We're now down to the last couple of dozen of last year's onions and, amazingly, some of the Red Barron grown from sets are still nice and firm. There seems to be a belief that red onions from sets don't keep well but I've never had much of a…Continue

Got my seed potatoes!

Started by Mark Willis Jan 29. 0 Replies

I visited the Hampshire Potato Day at Whitchurch again yesterday - 4th year now,…Continue

soup making

Started by Colin Robinson. Last reply by Mark Willis Jan 28. 1 Reply

We've always made our own soups as long as I can remember and in winter a bowl of hot soup with crusty bread and a wedge of cheese is the perfect lunch.Now we can make even more !!Just after Christmas my wife invested in a soup maker which was in…Continue

Hampshire Potato Day(s)

Started by Mark Willis Jan 19. 0 Replies

Don't forget it's the Hampshire Potato Day event next weekend - Sat & Sun 28 / 29 Jan.It takes place in Whitchurch (not far from Andover). Details are a per last year's event, I think - See the EVENTS tab on our forum.I'll definitely be going.…Continue

Blog Posts

Festive allotment check-up

Posted by Lee James on December 29, 2016 at 16:45 0 Comments

Don't get me wrong, Christmas is brilliant, obviously. Going home and drinking tonnes of booze and forcing a week's worth of calories down the chute in twenty four hours and then meeting other people that you don't see all that often for more drinks and food and then seeing some of the outlying relatives…


Late season scorecard

Posted by Lee James on September 25, 2016 at 20:19 0 Comments

We've been neglecting the plot again. Not full-on Fritzl-level neglect you understand, but certainly enough to alert the authorities, assuming that there were any authorities that paid attention to neglected…

Not Gar's last chorus bu Adew

Posted by Gareth Howell on July 29, 2016 at 8:55 0 Comments

I have been picking the brains of the Ukveggardener experts for a good three years now, but family events earlier in the year, lead me to Andalucia for the winter months, hopefully, to avoid the worst of the British weather.

Perhaps I should report my progress or lack of it, during this year.  I am basically a fruit grower. I am going to pick chestnuts in Spain soon,but my enthusiasm for apples, pears, and grapes also is unabated. I got three grafted vines from Vic, last year, but…


Drying out the alliums

Posted by Lee James on July 23, 2016 at 21:57 0 Comments

The recent blast of inferno-like conditions has hit us at a rather handy moment, as we've hoiked up all that remained of our autumn-planted allium crops and got them in the shed drying out. From past experience, autumn-planted onions don't store anything like as well as their spring-planted counterparts…


First real harvest of 2016

Posted by Duncan Seth-Smith on July 7, 2016 at 22:06 3 Comments

I have ofcourse harvested lettuce, radish and Swiss chard but today I harvested my peas. They were in a raised bed 2mtr X 1 mtr. I sowed them closely in four rows. This year they have produce 2.5lbs of peas. I don't know whether this is good or bad. For me it is great because last year the mice ate the seeds and I produced zero lbs.

in Praise of Globe Artichokes

Posted by Jade Hwang on July 3, 2016 at 10:00 0 Comments

For those who were waiting for Flaming June and feel cheated by the soggy June we just had, fret no more. There has never been a Flaming June month in UK and will never be.  You get a couple of hot days or one week of sunny days here and there during British summer, that's all !


Disappointing weather aside, there is one vegetable that will never disappoint and…


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