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"I gave up on asparagus after finding that the space could be much more profitably used growing just…"
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"Thank you for the recipe ideas Mark and Terry , I will definitely be trying them out. Perhaps…"
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Gareth Howell replied to Stephen Forbes's discussion Pests or pals
"As long as they are not centipedes. I'm reading a story about Greek island cult murders which…"
Gareth Howell replied to Gareth Howell's discussion Do you mix soil?!
"This top soil drains far too quickly, although it is not sandy, and does lack nutrients. …"
Gareth Howell replied to Lynn Howarth's discussion What is this fungus?
"Mycological identification. "
Gareth Howell replied to Stephanie Cousins's discussion Nero Kale
"Must be a champion veg. I was lucky with Rocket!Successive sowings dont work for me , probably due…"

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Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Colin Robinson 7 hours ago. 1 Reply

I purchased a dozen "crowns" to discover that in fact they are plug plants which will need to be potted first to survive, and then repotted in this boldly claimed effective system of growbags.I am attracted to that method on account of bunny…Continue

Nero Kale

Started by Stephanie Cousins. Last reply by Stephanie Cousins yesterday. 6 Replies

I've had great success with kale this year , virtually pest and trouble free , I've been harvesting for weeks , making kale crips, as an appetiser , and steaming and freezing other leaves , reading up on the health benefits, I'm looking forward to…Continue

Pests or pals

Started by Stephen Forbes. Last reply by Gareth Howell yesterday. 8 Replies

I have what appear to be millipedes in my veg plot which is basically a raised bed in a fabricated box, 6' x 3'.They are of various sizes, the smallest being white in colour and larger ones a brown colour. The largest ones are still only 1 or 2cm in…Continue

Do you mix soil?!

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Gareth Howell yesterday. 2 Replies

I have now got started on my Autumn project of moving soil either out of the garden entirely with a skip, or mixing it to create better soil.  I have got a natural bed of thick clay, almost good enough for pot making, and a load of top soil which I…Continue

What is this fungus?

Started by Lynn Howarth. Last reply by Gareth Howell yesterday. 10 Replies


Have you grown Samphire

Started by Duncan Seth-Smith. Last reply by John Gaskell on Saturday. 3 Replies

I am thinking about growing samphire in an old sink. Has anyone grown samphire either marsh or rock samphire and if so have you any tips?

Tags: chard, cabbage, apples, samphire, Beetroot


Started by tony southall. Last reply by Gareth Howell on Friday. 1 Reply

Its that time of the year again, seed catalogues arriving ,some seeds already purchased. Like most gardeners can hardly wait to start sowing for next year, Seed trays sterilised and seed compost purchased. First planting will be Shallots on the…Continue

Lavender cuttings

Started by Gareth Howell Oct 9. 0 Replies

I struck about 20 lavender cuttings and some of them actually started to flower on top of the cutting straight away, but it may just have been death's agony causing the flowering.Some of them have taken  root deeply, and I have moved them in to…Continue


Started by tony southall. Last reply by tony southall Oct 4. 3 Replies

Does anyone leave the roots of their legume plants in the ground in the hope that they will carry on fixing Nitrogen ?Continue

No apples again.

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Gareth Howell Oct 4. 2 Replies

 A local hail storm at blossom time put paid to my apple crop. No cider this year. It's a good thing i made enough for two years in 2013.  It was an extraordinary hail storm as though i was being punished for not Wassailing in Early January.…Continue

Blog Posts

Pottering in the October sun

Posted by Duncan Seth-Smith on October 11, 2014 at 18:30 4 Comments

The sun came out so I decided to do some tidying in the garden. The lawn was mown , well I used the mower to hoover up the leaves.

Then into the veg garden to tidy up a bit. The radish , now 3" long and nibbled by mice were pulled along with weeds. I still have lettuce and cabbage in the new strawberry bed so the strawbs and their runners are still in place.

I have removed the netting and dried it ready to be packed away until next year.

This years bed of spinach and… Continue

Just a Few Last Jobs …

Posted by elaine rickett on October 9, 2014 at 22:23 4 Comments

A Woman of the Soil read more ...

I set myself the task of clearing the courgettes and planting out the cavolo nero kale.  Let me tell you – those courgette plants are vicious brutes when you are working amongst the leaves and stems – my arms were cut to ribbons.…




Posted by tony southall on October 9, 2014 at 12:42 1 Comment

A few years ago a guest speaker at our gardening club told us the way he prepares his onions for storing, have followed his advice and the onions do seem to keep longer when stored. His first advice was  to go easy on nitrogen this can lead to thick necks and neck rot. The day the onions are lifted the necks are…



Posted by tony southall on October 8, 2014 at 13:08 0 Comments

I like to check my ph every year, for onions I send a sample to a lab tell them what I wish to grow and they send full details ph, NPK salt residues, for the rest of my plot I bought a soil testing kit it does the job but did not have enough to test all my plot.PH meters are a bit iffy unless you spend mega bucks so…


Perry pear trees

Posted by Terry Wells on October 6, 2014 at 8:17 0 Comments

Probably too far away for most of you (I am in west Wales) but my local fruit tree nursery are selling off their stock of perry pears for £3 each, 2yr old and older by the look of them. Website Applewise for more detail. I picked up one each of Berllanderi Green and Welsh Gin, on vigorous rootstock so I felt two were enough!

Downsizing and Tidying Up

Posted by Lee James on October 5, 2014 at 20:57 1 Comment

A couple of weekends away, like the ones we've had recently, are all it takes for things to get unruly in allotment land. We spent a few hours down there today harvesting bits and bobs and having a well-needed tidy. There is an extra…

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