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2 hours ago
mike wright commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"The toms, on pots, in the conservatory are doing well, if a leggy, probably due my dosing the…"
Trevor Alun Davies commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"That's quite true, Mark. There's always a trade off. Apart from Sungold, all my tomatoes…"
Colin Robinson replied to Colin Robinson's discussion what happened to the cabbage whites?
"Same here, Mark, no butterflies but masses of flowers on the buddleias. "
Mark Willis commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"That's disappointing, Trevor, if not unexpected. Sometimes the disease-resistance comes at the…"
Trevor Alun Davies commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"While they seem to be healthy plants. my primavera are very small fruits, with little flavour. The…"
Mark Willis commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"Trevor, what do you think of Clou and Primavera. Do they have good taste & texture?"
Trevor Alun Davies commented on Rozzie's group Tomato Lovers Group
"My tomato plants, again this year, look terrible. With leaves twisted with purple colouration,…"

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what happened to the cabbage whites?

Started by Colin Robinson. Last reply by Colin Robinson on Sunday. 8 Replies

Earlier this year I noticed one or two cabbage white butterflies around so I dutifully put netting over the brassicas. Since then I haven't seen a single one so where are they all. It hasn't been a great year for insects in general but no cabbage…Continue

red onions from sets

Started by Colin Robinson. Last reply by Gareth Howell on Sunday. 13 Replies

Have any forum members managed to successfully grow red onions from sets? Having heard that they were tricky I decided to try for myself so I planted some Red Baron sets in spring.  Today I noticed that most of them are going to seed. They are no…Continue

feeling fruity!

Started by Colin Robinson. Last reply by Trevor Alun Davies on Friday. 4 Replies

Looks like it's going to be another bumper year for soft fruit. This is today's pick of gooseberries and my few bushes have so far given me almost 4kg of fruit and not finished yet.…Continue


Started by Blicky. Last reply by Blicky Jul 29. 2 Replies

Lifted some Carrots todayHad some really cracking ones and I'm very pleased with the resultsHere are some of my rejects which will make great eating.There is no waste growing them how I do for exhibition, as the carrots are so large, that I need…Continue

rain or no rain?

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Gareth Howell Jul 27. 6 Replies

I dont know what out geographical spread is, but it rained as much last night as it has done in the last 2-3months, about 0.2 inch.(!!) ie very little.How has it done at your place? I'm in south Dorset.Some years we only get dew and yet it is enough…Continue

at last...ripe tomatoes

Started by Colin Robinson. Last reply by Colin Robinson Jul 26. 4 Replies

Only one truss on one plant and it's almost 2 weeks later than average first…Continue

Caterpillars Eating Basil

Started by Trevor Alun Davies. Last reply by Gareth Howell Jul 26. 10 Replies

I  grow lots of basil, to make pesto. But this year it is being attacked by caterpillars. I have found a couple of green ones on a plant, but I can't seem to find the small ones. Which means, by the time I find them, the damage is done!The question…Continue

Peppers and Chilli

Started by Duncan Seth-Smith. Last reply by Mark Willis Jul 24. 7 Replies

I started my Chilli and Peppers on February 6th, and gradually moved them to the conservatory then the greenhouse. Today I have seen the first tiny flower buds. How far advanced are yours? If you have fruit already how do you do it?Continue

Who is harvesting beans?

Started by Mark Willis. Last reply by Pat Corbyn Jul 21. 9 Replies

It looks as if I will be able to harvest Runner Beans within the next few days (high point of the garden year for me!)…Continue

Tomato plant problem

Started by Mr B. Last reply by Mr B Jul 20. 12 Replies

Hi all,I was wondering if anyone could identify and advise on a problem with my fathers tomato plants that I haven't come across before.Basically, most of his plants appear to be shrinking and curling - despite being in seperate pots/differing…Continue

Tags: shrinking, curling, problem, plant, tomato

Blog Posts

June is here but where is Summer?

Posted by Duncan Seth-Smith on June 18, 2015 at 17:21 1 Comment

June 8th

A typical mixed summer. One day too hot and the next cold and wet. The veg garden is beginning to show signs of summer. Beetroot, is growing despite the ducks cropping the leaves, parsnips..what parsnips. Carrots just showing. Broad beans and field beans growing well,plenty of flowers.

French beans were looking good but have now turned yellow and could all die.the brassicas, cauliflower,broccoli, and particularly the curly kale are doing well. Swiss chard has been cut once… Continue

Almost south facing back garden

Posted by Pat Corbyn on June 16, 2015 at 14:00 4 Comments

I am not moaning I know I am very lucky to have a south facing garden but..... all my cut and come again lettuce have bolted, as has the rocket, little gem and coriander. I wonder will lettuce grow in the shade as there is a strip alongside the shed. Will give it a go and plant up some more later.

In other news my cucumbers have put on a bit of height, I am harvesting courgettes, sugar snaps and my runner beans have flowers on. The Scarlet Emporor are in front of St George but…


Sweet Peas

Posted by Blicky on June 13, 2015 at 20:41 2 Comments

This site has always been about growing quality vegetables however, this post has a change as I am branching out into Exhibition Sweat Peas.

The Sweat Peas came about when I was at the Southern Vegetable Championships and the Sweat Pea Show was next to the Veg Show. I was fascinated at the size, fantastic scent and quality of the flowers and when I inquired how the grower achieved this, I was told that it is exactly the same as how I grow my normal peas, except they go for the flower…



Posted by Gareth Howell on June 5, 2015 at 17:39 1 Comment

My efforts with garlic over the last three years have been desperate, but we have had two rather hottish years,

2013/2014, so perghaps i am not to blame.   This year, I dag out one bed to discover to my pleasure that there were a couple of hundred small garlic seedlings, which i had not dug out from last year, so I replanted them formally in a different bed.

They have done all right since February but now the wind has damaged many of them in such a way that I think the whole…



Posted by Sue Gollop on June 1, 2015 at 22:34 3 Comments

Last year I made a deep trench and filled it with comfrey leaves-then I piled the soil back over it.  After about 2 weeks I planted my runner beans and climbing French beans over the comfrey leaf 'pit' and I have never had such a splendid crop.  Going to extend this to my strawberry patch next year when I move the bed.  I make lots of smelly comfrey liquid feed-I just love this plant

Garden Blog

Posted by Gary Pearson on May 17, 2015 at 22:17 1 Comment

Busy ole day, tomato plants bought a fortnight ago today, 2 gardeners delight, 2 alicante, been potted up in builders buckets, canned and side shoots taken off, growing well noticed a yellow flower forming this morning on one delight, also sowed purple sprouting broccoli, some Brussels, and some primo cabbage, finishing off with some kale, couldn't sow them any earlier has i shall only be able to plant out after i dig my early potatoes, carrots coming well but still waiting for parsnips to…


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