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tony southall replied to Trevor Alun Davies's discussion Dwarf French Beans Dying
"Have you pulled one up Trevor to see what's happened ? A similar thing occurred with some…"
8 hours ago
Trevor Alun Davies commented on Richard Walton's group Chilli Lovers Group
"None ripe yet Rozzie, but I will certainly be saving seeds to distribute."
9 hours ago
Rozzie commented on Richard Walton's group Chilli Lovers Group
"Yes I second that Trevor! Please save seeds if you can. We can all try growing that next year and…"
9 hours ago
Mark Willis commented on Richard Walton's group Chilli Lovers Group
"Trevor, if you can save seeds from that special "Nosferatu" we should all try to…"
9 hours ago
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Southbourne Gardens liked Fennel and Fern's discussion Lavender recipes?
10 hours ago
Trevor Alun Davies commented on Richard Walton's group Chilli Lovers Group
"Re the Nosferatu with green leaves, I can't claim to have invented it, Mark. I just sowed the…"
10 hours ago
pete replied to Sussexmouse's discussion Is anyone else still using these ?
"I bought one like this from this company 10 years ago - they're still making them.. solo pump…"
12 hours ago

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Dwarf French Beans Dying

Started by Trevor Alun Davies. Last reply by tony southall 8 hours ago. 1 Reply

I sowed some dwarf French beans in a part of the garden recently vacated, they germinated ok, but once up they seemed to become dry and withered. Out of the row, only one plant has developed true leaves, and that's struggling. Any ideas what went…Continue


Started by Trevor Alun Davies 10 hours ago. 0 Replies

I have a small fig tree growing in a pot, don't know the variety. This summer it has developed a few fruit. Should I feed it? and, when will the fruit ripen? I'm sure I read somewhere that they ripen in the following year. The tree is planted in JI…Continue

Split Cucumber Stems

Started by Trevor Alun Davies 10 hours ago. 0 Replies

I have two cucumber plants " Diva " in my greenhouse, both I noticed the other day, have developed splits in the stem which have opened up to 3 -4 m.m. The splits are about 7 cm long and about the same from the base of the plant. The plants still…Continue

Is anyone else still using these ?

Started by Sussexmouse. Last reply by pete 12 hours ago. 5 Replies

I use my Vintage Brass Garden Sprayer quite a lot.  It doesn't hold a lot of water but it is great for dunking in our Water Butt to quickly spray a few plants.  Does anyone else still use one ?…Continue

Lavender recipes?

Started by Fennel and Fern 13 hours ago. 0 Replies

Hello,I've started to think that even though we're quite good at growing herbs, a lot of us end up doing pretty limited things with them once we've got them in the kitchen. So I've set up a monthly herb recipe challenge on Fennel & Fern. Each…Continue

Tags: lavender, recipes

Poor quality compost

Started by Mark Willis. Last reply by Trevor Alun Davies 15 hours ago. 24 Replies

I'm getting more and more concerned by the continual poor quality of commercial compost - even from the "Big Name" companies. The stuff is rubbish - full of bits of wood, plastic, nails etc. It has very few nutrients and poor water-retention…Continue

Result Of Hot Weather

Started by Trevor Alun Davies. Last reply by Colin Robinson yesterday. 6 Replies

Looking at my outdoor cucumber this morning, I was thinking how " tired " it looked, this led me to think is apparent with a few of my crops. My conclusion is that the recent hot, dry weather has " telescoped " the plants through their life cycle,…Continue

Charlotte mushed potatoes

Started by david ford. Last reply by Bobby yesterday. 6 Replies

This year my crop was healthy, plentiful and well matched in size and quality. Cooking them was a problem half cooked the skins seperated and fully but not overcooked they broke up and became a bit of a mush, has anyone else had this problem?Continue

Poppies (Papaver)

Started by Gareth Howell. Last reply by Danny McGrath on Wednesday. 7 Replies

My marvellous poppy crop is beginning to show plenty of color!I think I have actually got the six species of seed flowering that I planted in April (using sand to broadcast them) from S Ravine's the seed merchant.The one shown below I have not seen…Continue

Can you eat green rhubarb?

Started by Lynn Howarth. Last reply by Colin Robinson on Sunday. 2 Replies

I planted two, rather wilted, rhubarb plants in early May. I bought them with two stems on each plant (pinkish in colour) and planted them in the ground (not pots). They established well and now have 8 stems on about 2' long and huge leaves. Will…Continue

Blog Posts

Too late to plant more peas?

Posted by Sue Gollop on July 20, 2014 at 20:23 0 Comments

I am on the East Coast-is it too late to get another couple of rows of peas in? If so what sort? It has been a great year here for peas and it is so unusually warm. My granddaughters eat my peas as fast as I pick them.  One day I might even get round to cooking some

Allium Overdrive

Posted by Lee James on July 16, 2014 at 19:15 0 Comments

We must be either mad dogs or Englishmen, because it was sweltering in the midday sun on Saturday. Having been frolicking up in Northumberland (of which more in due course) during the first of two weeks off work, the weeds required…

carrot fly

Posted by stephen heath on July 13, 2014 at 18:40 9 Comments

this is the second year of beating the dreaded fly by sowing autumn king at the beginning of june instead of march /may i was given this tip from a chap when we got talking about veg growing and i mentioned that for a few years my carrots were ruined i tried shielding them with high sides mixed spring onions marigolds but with not much success however last year and this i seem to be doing ok fingers crossed

Spotted: some teeny-weeny tomatoes

Posted by Life at 139a on July 10, 2014 at 11:08 0 Comments

My tomatoes are underway - the Supersweet 100 is the first to fruit with Rosada closely behind. Lots of flowers on my remaining tomato plants so hopefully I'll have lots of tomatoes towards the end of the summer.

In the greenhouse my Redskin peppers are going well, which is great as I don't usually have much success with peppers. There's also cucumbers and chillies in flowe, but no fruit yet.

Back in the raised beds the dwarf beans, lettuces and coriander is doing well but… Continue

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